Social Media Round Up November 2023

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups
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Every month I find the latest updates on social media that you may have missed and frankly need to know! Come and check out the latest!

Welcome to December (Hohoho!)

The last week has been nuts! It was great to see so many of my friends at Samantha Kelly Social Media Fest in Wexford. Overall the last month has been busy, especially getting ready for the Black Friday build up. I am so pleased to confirm I have several conversions from this offer and looking forward to making some significant differences to these business and their owners.

So only 20 days until I shut my doors for the year! I'm looking forward to my break with my family, its been a busy one!

Let's see what's the latest shall we?


A/B Testing Facebook Reels

For a very long time now, we have been able to do A/B testing on Ads and using different copy and images. Now Meta have given the same capability of A/B Testing to Reels. It makes a LOT of sense to do this. It's easily one of the most consumed bits of content online and has gained an enormous amount of traction. With this new update you now test up to 4 different captions or thumbnails with Meta’s new A/B Testing Tool on your phone.

This means you can test up to four different captions or thumbnails when you create and publish Facebook Reels on your phone. This means that  Facebook automatically tests variations for up to 30 minutes to a selection of your followers. Once the time limit is up, the best mixture of post is the version that gets sent out. There are plans that in the future, Meta will also integrate generative AI to help you create these different caption and thumbnail options.

Would you Pay to Go Ad Free Facebook

More info here on what's happening in the EU due to new privacy laws... Just like the Meta Verified service, your monthly costs could add up as it'll soon be PER account.

"The fee to go ad-free is €9.99 per month when purchased on the web or €12.99 per month if purchased through Google’s or Apple’s app stores. Right now, that subscription fee covers all linked accounts.

However, after March 1st, subscribers will have to pay an extra fee for any additional linked profiles in their Meta Account Center. It’s €6 per month if purchased directly or €8 if purchased via an app store. The ad-free service is only offered to users over the age of 18."

Your thoughts??

Getting Verified on Meta

At the very end of October I got Verified on both Facebook and Instagram. Back in July I got the Professional Mode turned on, on my personal profile and put myself down as a digital creator. I saw no reason to not do this. I'd dropped a few paid plans over the last few months and the verification is paid for monthly.

I am now 4 weeks in and I have genuinely seen an increase in tractions, reach, impressions and actual engagement on my personal page. Let's see how long I maintain it however!


Broadcast Channels coming to Instagram

Broadcast Channels has been a big change on how to reach and engage with your audience. You can instantly target your committed potential customers with a message, an offer, a discount or simply with an update. Here are some examples:

- Mark Zuckerberg has one called Meta Channel

- Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri has one called IG Updates

- You can navigate to any account on Instagram and if they have a Broadcast Channel, you'll see it under their bio.  

- When you subscribe, the updates come directly into your DM inbox.

A Broadcast Channel is a a public, one-to-many messaging tool currently available to users in a variety of countries on Instagram. But also coming soon to Facebook and Messenger for business pages. Learn more about new ways to speak to your audience via Meta here.

Set up Reminder Ads

This is currently only available on Instagram but if you have an offer or event starting and / or finishing, you may want to let your followers know but sending them a Reminder Ad. Yes, it works exactly how it sounds! Check out this rather easy to read blog from John Loomer for details.


LinkedIn have brought out a real game changing feature last month - the new Premium Custom Button option.

It enables you to add a direct link to your profile that appears when you post a status update that invites people to take action.

Examples are -

  • Book an Appointment
  • Visit My Website
  • View my portfolio

I recommend you choose Book an Appointment and here's why..  

if you send people to your website, they may get distracted with your fabulous website content 🌟 whereas if you choose Book an Appointment AND send those people directly to your booking form.... you can get calls booked in.

Watch Louise Brogans video below:​

AI Messaging with LinkedIn Premium

AI is infiltrating everywhere as you know. Check out this video also from Louise on how to use for messaging when you're reaching out to new contacts.

1:1 Marketing Strategy Course Designed for You

Supported Digital Marketing Strategy Training - Your Social Media DIY Trainer

If you're looking for a more one on one style of training to create a strategy for your social media and overall digital marketing and would like to know how to do this by yourself for your own business or for the company you work for, then you maybe interested in doing this training that I offer.

I help you create it at a pace you set, filling in the gaps in your knowledge along the way. You'll be given work to do between the sessions that you can manage and that won't be overly disruptive to your everyday workload.

This will give you accountability and you can contact me anytime during the training if you have any questions that crop up between sessions.

Are you on track for your goals and targets so far? If not, then maybe you should contact me. I have set aside some regular time slots to offer this training and it can run either in 1 month, 6 weeks or even 12 weeks if you prefer! I can give you the dates to fit around both our schedules from day one so you know this in advance. If you would like to learn more about what this covers, then visit this page.

This course has been currently accepted by 5 Local Enterprise Office Areas as suitable for the Trading Online Voucher but you can also get this training directly. Check out all the lovely testimonials I have received regarding this course.

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You will first complete a pre qualifying form so I know where you're starting from and we shall then speak weekly and have a private 1:1 Facebook Group that keeps you pushing forward and getting stuff done.

How they work:

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Book weekly dates for the next month that we can talk straight into my calendar.

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November Episodes for The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast

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Podcast 203 - Reframing Your intro

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I hope you find this months round up useful and look forward to bringing you more updates in a few weeks time. If you need anything in the meantime, don't hesitate to contact me.

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