Social Media Management

One of my service offerings is management of your Social Media platforms on a retainer basis and this can free up your time!

Some businesses struggle to find time to manage and respond quickly to their clients. My job would be to represent you and respond quickly and effectively on your behalf and post regular, engaging content.

My service provides:

  • Content Creation
  • Content Planning
  • Content Strategy
  • Product Photography
  • Promotional video creation (iPhone)
  • Crisis Management
  • Public Relations
  • Fast response times

We first discuss your requirements and prepare a 6 week to 3 month Content Plan and Content Schedule.  To this end I would require a full understanding from you of what you are looking to get out of this management. Regular contact and content is required from you for the first few weeks.  A client profile(s) will need to be discussed also. The following options are available with ongoing management:

Event planning to a goal time frame, ongoing management of weekly posts,  Holiday or Sickness cover.  Or indeed a combination of these.  The agreement would be for 3 months initially and then on a month by month basis.

I would also be happy to arrange all of your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn Ads.

Please contact me and I can arrange for a quotation for you.  Skype consultation is also available at pre-arranged times.