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by Melanie Boylan
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Welcome to November

It's been a long month here at STOMP HQ and I've had a wee hiatus over the last few weeks. My email list will know why. Anyway, as we head to the last two months of this year and let's face it - only 6 weeks of work left - we need to start getting ready for 2023 don't we?

I've been very fortunate to have had some time to set aside over the Summer months to work on my plans for 2023 and they are starting to shape up. Managing my budget and PR are areas I am currently working on right now as well.

I've entered a few awards this year and I've made it to finalist in all of them which is great, I'll give it a rest for a year methinks and try again in 2024!


Creator Studio is Going, Going...

I'm sure you've noticed over the last year or so that Creator Studio (CS) is getting reduced with what it offers and frankly getting a lot "buggier" too?

Since the roll out of Meta Business Suite and let's face it - its a beast - there's been less and less need for CS. Well there is an expectation in the community that eventually Creator Studion and Business Manager will be sunsetted and only Meta Business Suite (MBS) shall be left. After an initial wobble - I now find myself very, very happy in MBS and look forward to not having 10 tabs open for the one bleedin' platform!

Now that the New Page Experience (NPE) is pretty much across all of mine and my client pages (I think I have 2 more that stubbornly won't change over) it's kinda easier. I do find it a wee bit frustrating that I have to change over the host page as well as the page, page in order to get to MBS but I'm sure that'll settle itself over time.

Now I'm just hanging out for Professional Mode as apparently its now rolled out to everyone, not me yet though of course...


How to Use Instagram Reels Insights

As we all know using video has proven to be one of the fastest and cheapest ways to promote our business and to this end its worth really looking at Reels. It's come into its over the last 18 months to 2 years and the CX has been improved so much to. I always enjoy the blogs on Social Media Examiner but you might find this one explaining how to the use the insights beneficial. Read the blog here.

Want Instagram Templates?  Here you go!

As Marketers of our own business I think its important we keep track of useful resources that will help save us time and money so these templates are definitely very handy! It's complicated trying to stay up with everything all the time (I know!) so check these out and maybe start using them on your campaigns?


3 New Updates in 1 Go

Post Templates, Pinned Comments & Page Commitments

Seems everyone is getting on the templates bandwagon? If you want to stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn - you certainly will if you start using these -because for as far as I can see, no one is currently using them.

You can now keep a popular Pinned comment at the top of your feed as well now and I'll admit having your page commitments is a lovely addition (if a little un-necessary, as these are usually kept on a website).

These are updates I guess, just not very useful in my opinion - but then its not meant to suit everyone! Learn about these updates in the link here.

Ways to do Market Research Using LinkedIn

If you're a bit of a statistic fiend, you'll love this blog! In this blog you'll learn about the 7 ways you can use inbuilt tools to measure your brand presence on this platform. A valuable accountability tool.

Reporting the value of a campaign on every platform is obviously needed, so check out the blog written by Anna Sonnenberg here, well there.

Google Business Profile

Are you a Tour or Activities Business?

Google is becoming a more and more significant tool for your business! I'm sure by now you've noticed how much you're using Google yourself find events and locations, booking tickets, registering for newsletters and so much more, all from this app. Well now you need to make it more possible to do this with your own business. Read this blog from Skift who dug deep into this and brought up the changes and updates that you need to know to make sure you stay up to date in this area and to keep up with your competition.

TikTok for Business

Want to Join TikTok Academy?

This was launched in October as obviously an online experience for all levels of aptitude. Anyone from a business orientation can take something away from these trainings. The training can range from 1-2 hours per session and there is a much shorter Small Business Course as well. Click the link below to gain access and give them a go! Click here to access the academy.

Useful Blogs

How to Prepare Outsourcing Elements of Your Business to a Virtual Assistant by Melanie Boylan

Sales from Social 6 Week Fast Track Programme

My Fast Track Programme has been out for the whole year now and only with the first 6 elements of the 12 I currently have with my one to one training. Over the next couple of months I'll be creating the next 6 sections and will relaunch in 2023 when it's ready on a "public" scale.  However, private / customised training for groups is already available for those that are interested.

Did you want to get some of the essential tips to understand how to create your OWN Marketing Strategy. No need to feel baffled and left behind when it comes to social media. I have created courses and workbooks that you will find give you the foundation AND framework to build upon. These tools will keep you accountable as well.

1:1 Marketing Course Designed for You

Supported Digital Marketing Strategy Training - Your Social Media DIY Trainer

If you're looking for a more one on one style of training to create a strategy for your social media and overall digital marketing and would like to know how to do this by yourself for your own business or for the company you work for, then you maybe interested in doing this training that I offer.

I help you create it at a pace you set, filling in the gaps in your knowledge along the way. You'll be given work to do between the sessions that you can manage and that won't be overly disruptive to your everyday workload.

This will give you accountability and you can contact me anytime during the training if you have any questions that crop up between sessions.

Are you on track for your goals and targets so far? If not, then maybe you should contact me. I have set aside some regular time slots to offer this training and it can run either in 1 month, 6 weeks or even 12 weeks if you prefer! I can give you the dates to fit around both our schedules from day one so you know this in advance. If you would like to learn more about what this covers, then visit this page.

This course has been currently accepted by 5 Local Enterprise Office Areas as suitable for the Trading Online Voucher but you can also get this training directly. Check out all the lovely testimonials I have received regarding this course.

October Podcasts for The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast

Podcast 144 - Every Business Has its Season

Podcast 145 - Most Underrated Marketing Skill

Podcast 146 - Shopify with Michelle Duffy Rudden

Podcast 147 - Onboarding New Clients


This last month has been has been a plethora of good and bad changes on and offline but at least its finished. Sometimes, that all we need.

If you have any questions on any of this or would like to bring your own questions to me, then contact me today!.

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