Petrina Mitchell
Career Navigation Consultants

Melanie’s direct approach, knowledge and experience were just what I needed to rejuvenate my social media and online presence. Her style is supportive and encouraging but also adopts a holistic approach to ensure we focus on planning the right content, at the right time. I’d recommend her to anyone who needs to kickstart or rejuvenate their social media activity.

Edwina Cuddy
Crafts by Edwina

Hi Melanie Thanks so much for the very informative one to one zoom and the follow up email. I’m delighted with all that was covered I’ve so much to work with and I will definitely be benefiting from it. Looking to the future with positivity Thank you for all your help and encouragement. Edwina Cuddy Crafts By Edwina

Natacha Fox
Aurela Active Wear

So I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the support, knowledge and guidance over the calls we had. It was absolutely great to get all the tips and tricks for social media and I am so much more confident in all of it now. Thanks so much and all the best for the future 😊.

Jessica Cummins

Melanie is very knowledgeable and provided excellent training and support on everything I needed to know about developing a social media strategy. I would highly recommend Stomp Marketing and hope to be able to work with them again in the future.

Miranda Elis
Transformational Life Coach at Miranda Ellis Coaching

Melanie really knows social media marketing inside out. After just a 30 minute conversation with her, I know where I’ve been going wrong and what I need to do to put it right. As a new business owner (whose business is not marketing), I’ve been struggling to know how best to harness the power of social media to engage with potential clients. It all seems pretty opaque, and I was thinking I’d need to invest in hiring someone to do it for me. Melanie could do it for me, but actually what she’s done for me is so much better. She has enabled me to do it myself. If you’re struggling to know how to manage your social media marketing, you absolutely need to talk to Melanie

Frances Jack O'Neill
Performance Coach at Your Coaching Space Ltd

I can't recommend enough Melanie from Stomp Social Media Training for her digital marketing strategy training. It's one to one, fully supported and was bespoke to my particular needs. From the off I felt confident that Melanie knew what I needed, gave me super ideas that always pushed me out of my comfort zone just enough to see real results. Without the weekly catch ups I would not have taken the plunge as quickly as I did to video which I now love! Melanie is a pleasure to deal with, professional but approachable and always happy to answer my questions between sessions. (I engaged this training as part of the Trading Online Voucher Scheme, a government support for SMEs due to adverse economic effects of Covid

Avril Riordan
Memories Forever by Avril.

I came across STOMP Social Media Training on Facebook & I liked what I read so decided to ring Melanie & I am so glad I did. I took a 2 hour training session on managing my social media platforms. I found it very informative and Melanie taught me ways to post and enhance my posting that I did not know about. She is very knowledgeable and I am looking forward to my next session that I think I will benefit by even more. Avril, Memories Forever by Avril.

Susan Mulholland

Melanie was great to work with. She was extremely patient and found just the right pace and tone to work with me on my digital upskilling. In asking good questions, she was able to ensure that we had the best use of our time. In addition she was very flexible with her own time and support. She knows her stuff and I would strongly recommend her.

Janos Albin

Melanie was very helpful in addressing a number of concerns I had - not just the fiddly bits of how to do things as social media platforms keep evolving, but also the big picture issues of managing personal and business identities, managing several business identities without compromising each, and developing a strategy rather than posting randomly. Perhaps most importantly, Melanie trains and empowers people to do things for themselves, rather than becoming dependent on constant support - a great service. Thank you.

Cathriona Hodgins
Cathriona Hodgins Nutrition

Just finished a program of mentoring with Melanie and Westmeath LEO. My focus was on improving my social media presence and Melanie certainly delivered. Highly recommend Melanie for her support, knowledge , tips and ideas. I hope to work with Melanie again.

Collette Bryson
Engage Life Coaching

I worked with Melanie over the last 3 months and I can tell you that she is super knowledgeable on everything social media. She has a lovely calm communication style (in the face of what must have been some stupid questions from me!) and is so easy to talk to. During the time I worked with Melanie she has helped me make sense of the Facebook ads system, has introduced me to helpful apps, has suggested many ways of increasing my profile and engagement on social media, has inspired me (but not pushed me!) into doing my first ever videos on social media, has sparked ideas for content and services and has supported me on my journey. Under Melanie’s tutelage my numbers have increased in a short space of time and I now have the knowledge to keep managing my own social media. Thanks Melanie!

Georgia Gallagher
French Classes 4 U

Wishing you all the best with this new business venture Melanie and thanks for the help you gave me when I first started up French Classes 4 U. Now Facebook is an addiction!

John Gerard
The Magic Man

I have worked as a Professional Magician “The Magic Man” for many years and have had to adapt with the times in order to promote my business on the internet. I have always been too busy to attend internet courses. When Melanie offered me regular administration on my Facebook Pages at such a competitive rate, it made good financial sense and was a lot easier to have her run the pages on my behalf. I have found her both reliable and easy to work with. Also, Melanie on a number of occasions has assisted me to promote my business at Special Events and Wedding Fairs, leaving me free to “work the room” and do what I do best, perform “MAGIC” – I am happy to recommend her professional competence and general ability in the I.T area, to anyone who may require her services.

Catherine Wells

Wishing you all the best with this new business venture Melanie. Thank you for the help and the organising you have done for Cuidiú. You are an integral part of our support network. I am happy to recommend Melanie for her professionalism and abilities in organisational strategies and media awareness to anyone who may require her services. Melanie is an honest and trustworthy person and would be an advantage to anyone looking for her services.

Michael J Synnott
Author: Tír 1 The Magus Conspiracy

Thanks so much to Michael J Synnott in his recent AwesomeGang Interview and a bit of a testimonial What is your best method or website when it comes to promoting your books? “I am pretty clueless about how best to market my books, I’ll be honest. I have been using Facebook fairly extensively but probably not in the most effective way. I recently engaged an Irish marketing company called STOMP to help me out with this. They have got me using FB more effectively and have finally gotten me on to Twitter, although they tweet far more in my name than I do. They’re also helping me to sort out my frankly hideous website – the state of which is a disgrace, given that I’m a software developer with thirty years experience under my belt!”

Ger Counihan
Koole Company, Café in Kilcoole

Stomp marketing came to my rescue some 2 months ago, when my business had stalled and my ideas to grow same were in a state of paralysis. We had our regular customers – for which we are very thankful – but we needed to bring in new ones in order to simply make a profit. We are a new business, and we felt that we were clever enough to go it alone – but we were so caught up in our own dream that we could not stand back from the daily grind and give ourselves some time to ‘think’ about what we were doing. And, I now know, there is a way around this quandary – if you are too busy: get help from an independent third person. Which is what we did, hence the arrival of Melanie and Stomp Marketing on the scene. Our Facebook like – for example – were 230 – they are now 416. This is mainly due to a few tactics suggested to us by Stomp. Gerard Counihan, Koole Company, Main Street, Kilcoole, Wicklow

Justin O’Keefe

Justin attended my LinkedIn Training for Business event at Head Office on the 14th September 2017. Hear from him what he thought of the training:

Karen Draper
Draper Administration

Karen attended my LinkedIn Training for Business event at Head Office on the 14th September 2017. Hear from her what she thought of the training:

Susan Lynch
Cloud9 Handmade Soaps and Eco Mutt

Thanks so much Melanie! It was really lovely to meet you this morning – time very well spent! You certainly know your stuff and I’ll be sure to put some of your advice into practice asap. I look forward to working with you over the coming months to help grow my business & I’d highly recommend you to anyone looking for marketing & PR expertise!

Sharon Magennis Johnston
Sharon Johnston Interior Design

I’d like to thank Melanie for the Facebook and Google+ group training course that I attended last Wednesday. The training course was very clear and informative and Melanie took the time to answer all our questions and show us individually on our laptops. I would highly recommend Melanie for her training manner and course information as I feel that what I learnt will really benefit my business.

William Lewis
Hair in the City

Attended a Facebook and Google+ course yesterday that was given by Melanie , she was brilliant . Melanie gave a very informative class , she was easy to understand and her presentation was clear and to the point . Melanie even made time to address our individual problems and concerns . I would have no hesitation in recommending Melanie and I look forward to availing of her skills in the future.

Wendy McCormack Stunt
iNailz Facebook Page

For anyone looking for training in Facebook and Google+, I couldn’t recommend Melanie higher. She is extremely easy to follow, very informative and will get you on the right road to putting your business on the FB/Google Map. Thanks Melanie, I really found your course so beneficial for my Business.

Margaret Hoctor P2
Kilmullan Farm

I would recommend Melanie for her training in this area. She keeps herself updated on the latest changes in an ever evolving area so you can be sure you are getting the most up to date training and information and most importantly she understands the mindset of a SME!

Margaret Hoctor
Kilmullan Farm

I attended a training course given by Melanie on Google plus and intermediate Facebook her step by step and detailed method involved in each of these processes was very beneficial. Her manner was friendly and efficient and her presentation professional. No question was too small or irrelevant.

Lou Brennan
FME Catering Equipment Services Limited

Just want to thank Melanie for your Skype training today. Easy and understandable directions to follow would highly recommend STOMP to start putting your business on the map! A very happy Lou from East Sussex, England.

Willo King

Thank you so much Melanie you have thought me so much about social media I had no idea I thought I was doing all the right things!!! I really enjoy this side of my business now and feel more confident going forward.

Amanda Cooke
Atlantis Seafood, Wexford

Great training last week on Facebook and Twitter, Melanie has giving me fantastic insights into improving my social media and I look forward to putting it into practice. Absolutely inspiring !! Thanks again

Loretto Malone
Visit (the Hair Salon)

I had my 1-2-1 with Melanie today. The prize I won in “what’s in the bag?” Thank you so much for the guidance, advice and inspiration in updating my new Facebook business page. I can’t recommend her enough Melanie was clear, patient and easy to comprehend (especially with this #newbie. ) I feel more confident!!!

Nigel Waugh, Church Review
The United Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough

Very helpful workshop on Saturday last for members of the Church of Ireland diocese of Dublin and Glendalough. it was very much a mixed ability group but everyone learned something whether they were beginners or seasoned practitioners. Many thanks.

Brenda Woods
MINU Travel

Melanie was the first person who explained the facebook algorithm so that I could understand it. Her training is very much geared to the level of the client, is easy to understand and focuses on you and your businesses requirements.