Social Media Round Up September 2020

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Happy Thursday!

September has been a challenging month one way or another.  The kids are back at school at last and I have managed to resume full time hours back in my office in Mullingar.  Apart from one week off towards the end of the month, its been pandemonium!

There’s a lot of planning, retraining and strategising happening in the background at STOMP HQ.  2020 may have been a bit of disaster but I’m now realigning myself for 2021.  I’d love to know your plans for 2021 if you have any?

Let’s get to it…


A New App – Facebook Business Suite

Having had a look in the App store this particular app isn’t available to me as yet but will keep an eye out.  I’m not entirely sure if its a brand new app or the renaming of an old one but will keep my eyes peeled.

Would you like one app for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger (to rule them all, we were all thinking it..) or 3 separate ones?

Facebook – Image Rights

This could get interesting!  Facebook are going to be making possible for brands to manage their images much better.  There is a great deal of image sharing as you know and with this “rights” facility it means the content owner will know who and where their image is being shared.  Most people credit the original owner but not always.  The hope is I assume that more and more people will create original content to share – rather rehashing someone elses.  Have a read of this post in the Verge.

Let’s Get Wordy in Facebook Ads

Yep, you heard me, add as many words as you want in your Ad Image!  Our friend Jon Loomer released a blog towards the end of last month detailing his research on this unmentioned change.  Like most things that Facebook back track on, it wasn’t publicised and its only been testing from people like Jon that this conclusion has been made.

It’s always been terribly difficult to think of lots of quick and witty ways around this but I agree with the writer.  Things have changed since 2013 and the way ads are being displayed should be different.  Will this change how you do yours I wonder?

Facebook – Adding Captions to Live and Pre Recorded Videos

Listen to this almost 8 minute Facebook Live Training that Mari Smith did last month.  She explained the various ways you can add captions for personal pages, business page sand even group videos.  Really handy to know!

By the way…this is just to illustrate why captions are needed!

Instagram Updates

Hootsuite have started a very comprehensive list that’s updated monthly of all the updates on Instagram.  Check out the terrifying list in this link.

Google My Business

I came across this brilliant article by some unnamed person in the South Florida Reporter last month.  It pretty much encapsulates why I think GMB is the top platform for SEO for me at the moment.

There’s no reason not to include it in your weekly strategy, I know its spending a little more time online than you do now but the return is noticeable and worthwhile.  Please tell me you’re converted!


LinkedIn is a very rewarding platform.  You are yourself in a corporate and direct form and its a great way to close connections and essentially meet the right people in your industry.  There is no “magic” answer to any of these platforms to make them effective BUT there are some blogs that give you a no nonsense explanation that helps.  This is one of them from Forbes.  Have a read and see if it’s time for you to implement a formal strategy for your LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Stories

And why not, everyone else is doing it?  It’s currently available in the states and should be coming out this month.  Learn more about the last minute release here.


Oh, look who else is going to be doing Stories, (except these won’t be removed after 24 hours), I wonder how long these will stay for?  Pinterest wouldn’t be my area of specialty but even I am aware its an area I need to place more focus in.  I’m getting some training from Sarah Jane Vincent for it!

Get Organised with Charts

If you’re into flow charts and diagrams and love to use tools and apps you might be interested in using  I’m not insanely into these types of tools but they do have their place.  This is not an ad and I’m not an affiliate, I just know some of my audience would appreciate this.

  • Diagramming and flowcharting
  • Software and systems design
  • Process mapping
  • Org chart design
  • Agile planning
  • Whiteboarding

Useful Blog Posts

How to Create a Video from Scratch Using your iPhone by Melanie Boylan

What Terms and Conditions do I need for My Business? by Melanie Boylan

The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast

Since January 2020 myself and good friend Esther Ocampo have been working together on an informal and 10 minute (ish) weekly podcast.  We’ve covered lots of topics and have plenty more to cover too!  Most of the time its us having a chat about each subject but we have had a smattering of guests so far.  Over the coming weeks we’re going to have a few more.

We would love you to join us and subscribe!  Hop over to Anchor, Spotify or indeed our website and start listening back.

As ever, please let me know if there is anything I can help with and contact me and be sure to share this article and let other people know if you find this useful!  See you next month…

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