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by Melanie Boylan
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November has arrived and I don't know about you but I'm glad I have a nice warm office to hide in during the day! With the kids back today (after the Halloween break) I'm hoping a level of normality will return to my working day!

This month isn't as big as the last few months have been. I'm either not finding it or maybe the creative juices of the social media platforms I normally share, have come to a simmer after boiling for the last few months! Alternatively it could be that all the changes I've seen this last month from Facebook and Instagram has been solely on US Election changes - IF they're still there the end of this month, I'll share them!

Let's get started shall we:

Free Stock Video Websites

If you have your business online, you're "other" job is as a Marketer. Marketing isn't just promoting what you do, it's also promoting why you do it as well. As part of your "storytelling", using video is an excellent method and sometimes easier than writing and almost always more effective.

When I came across this website during my usual meanderings online I thought how useful this could be to you! I would always recommend creating your own first but sometimes its handy to have some supplementary footage to fall back on or even pinch ideas from!

Remove the Background

Having recently had some headshots done myself and personally thoroughly delighted with them, I knew this tool would be handy for me. The backdrop on my photos is dark and in my mind I knew I could fall back on to a tool that could remove that background and change it to either transparent (PNG or maybe a light background. This means it's saved us time in front of the photographer and cost!

Quote Tweets, rather than Retweet

How many times have you gone into Twitter and retweeted your heart away?  I must admit I've done it myself. Twitter knows this too.

As much as your sharing others content is good, it doesn't necessarily mean you have an opinion on it. I'm sure you've seen in peoples bio that a "Retweet is not an endorsement".

Frankly, I've never really understood this. Why would you retweet something if you didn't agree with it?  Why propagate something you don't believe in, just odd in my opinion??

However, now that Twitter has made this change, they've kind of insisted that you at least try to quote. A simple retweet is still possible though, its just one extra step. Check out the change here.

Actually, Why not Read the Tweet First Before Retweeting?

Not happy that people are being forced to quote a tweet - Twitter knows that a lot of people aren't even bothering to read them! So in the coming weeks a prompt will come up asking have you read it first?  Check out the article here.

I do get it, it might perhaps stop false and fake news being spread and certainly in the run up the the US elections that's probably a good thing.

LinkedIn Stories

Earlier this week I did a Podcast for Irish Tech News with Joel Hansen, who along with a large range of accolades is also a LinkedIn Youth Editor. I asked about LinkedIn Stories and why he felt it was necessary to continue the "Facebook-ification" of their platform. Read the article here.

He said that they're trying widen the audience and have seen an increase in college and university graduates over the last year. Their expectations need to be accounted for, thus these changes have been made. Also some people may find doing short bursts of video less intimidating that a long video or perhaps a blog. Creating content for LinkedIn stories - how does this need to look and what kind of audience do you feel you'll engage is worth exploring - more on this another day!

Latest News

Unless you've been under a rock some where over the passed few months, you'll know that I started a podcast with my good friend Esther in January this year. Well I am pleased to announce we now have our very first Sponsor! Thank you to AgoraPulse UK and Ireland for approaching us and letting us be a sound board to your brilliant product!

I've been using AgoraPulse for YEARS! So I'm not just saying this because I'm getting paid, though now in fairness - that's a nice bonus. However, if you read my previous blogs and hear my past podcasts you'll hear me wax lyrical about them.

Over the coming few months STOMP Social Media Training will be changing its format and I intend to provide a more personal, one to one service for consumers of my content and training. I'm doing my best to pull it altogether and hope to have it all in place by the end of the first quarter or next year (maybe sooner!).

Useful Blogs

6 Tips to Use Social Media during the Covid 19 Pandemic by Sharon Creedon

The Psychology Behind Social Media Likes by Irish Tech News (wish I knew who wrote this!)

The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast

Check out all the podcasts myself and Esther did last month:

Podcast 40 - Customer Service and Complaints

Podcast 41 - Virtual Summits Featuring Samantha Kelly

Podcast 42 - Marketing Budgets

Podcast 43 - Apps featuring Lisa Kelly from


Well that's all for now but do subscribe to my blog and visit our podcast and let me help you stay informed!

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