A (No BS) Business Strategy 1:1

Isn’t it time you Got Stuff Done?

If you need a little face to face, one on one time with a patient but determined mentor then book in some time for next month. Check out the 5 steps!

It's time to get stuff done and there’s no time like the present

Having looked at your goals and objectives, how have you done?

If it hasn't been as successful as you would have liked and you're now looking at ways to get leaner, get finished and save time and money, then you may want to look at getting an accountability partner.

So what does this involve?

1. Contact me
2. You complete a pre qualifying form and return it to me.

This way I understand where you’re starting from and what we can do to work together.

3. You then pre book in 30 minute slots of time online EVERY week in 1 month blocks.

They don't have to be the same day and time each week, but they are pre booked.

4. A private group will be set aside for you to work in and I will monitor your progress and be on hand to respond to queries for you and you alone. No group calls!

5. I will patiently and expertly push you towards finishing your objectives and help mentor you through any roadblocks you may encounter. The key objective here is to empower you and not do it for you.

No more excuses. You WILL get stuff done!

I have space for another 3 clients starting from May 2024
 Please note this Pod will return in September 2024

Terms, Conditions and Expectations:

  • Monthly blocks start from the first working and available day of the month
  • All monthly blocks must be paid in advance and by no later than the day before we meet.
  • Online time allocation is 30 minutes per week, if you live nearby you're welcome to book in and see me at my office face to face, please let me know your preference.
  • It is expected that you will complete the work we discuss by the time frame given in our online / F2F chats or discussed in a private group I'll set up for you.
  • I am there to advise, guide. butt kick and sign post.
  • Most recommendations offered by myself are free or inexpensive but at times it maybe something pricier and its entirely up to you whether you proceed with it.
  • You will come away from our sessions with better habits, ways to monitor what’s working and we shall work on finding you more time in your day / week so you can enjoy things outside of work too.