Supported Digital Marketing Strategy Training

I can help you create your own Digital Marketing Strategy and plan for all of your online marketing across your social media to ensure you are consistently giving the right message that is in line with your business objectives all over 12 sessions 1:1 with all the support and accountability you need.

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A (No BS) Business Strategy 1:1

Isn’t it time you Got Stuff Done?

If you need a little face to face, one on one time with a patient but determined mentor then book in some time for next month.

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Social Media Training (1-to-1 or Group)

Sometimes you just need a few pointers or even a complete redirection and more motivation.  Whatever your requirements are, I can come to you and provide the training required.

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Social Media Development Package

Whether you're a Startup or Scale up I can help you bring some order to your Social Media and overall Digital Marketing.  If all you're looking for is some stand alone help and support for a short period this is the perfect package for you!

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Power Hour

Whether it be which platforms are best to use for your objectives or how to understand the results of your recent Ads campaign then our Power Hour is what you need.

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Be the BOSS

I help bring your knowledge up to speed with your privacy and business settings.

I will patiently and at your pace, help you better understand the updates and changes that have happened that will have an impact on your business going forward.

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Social Media Management

One of my service offerings is management of your Social Media platforms on a retainer basis and this can free up your time!

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