Twitter is more than just Tweeting

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media How To’s and Top Tips

Twitter IS more than just tweeting! I have been on Twitter now since the 13th of December 2013 (to be precise) and have learnt from the greats and from my own mistakes about what it's all about and although I may still have more to learn, I'm not doing too badly on it.

I consider myself a #smallbiz advocate and definitely a local business supporter, so I do retweet these particular types of business regularly. Also as I am a member of two very supportive Entrepreneurial Business communities namely Bizactiongroup and IrishBizParty I will always make a point of supporting people involved in these also.

When I prepare my scheduling for the week ahead I try to mention businesses, that I know have special offers on or have an event coming up that I am aware of. The communities I support also have #Starbiz or #Topbiz which all the members have agreed to support each week (which incidentally makes it easier to schedule too).

The crux of this is, these platforms (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) are Social! They are not ONLY marketing tools, they are places where you can share or retweet other related business and network to improve your views, Likes and Follows. If you only ever mention your business and never share others, no one is ever likely to share yours and makes all the time and effort that you put into Twitter (and the other platforms!) a waste of time.

Retweet on Twitter with STOMP

Points to Remember!

You are your Business! Don't be complacent and complain about the electricity bill to Airtricity as your business!

You are your Business! Try not to RT any topics that might be seen as inflammatory, political, religious or of a sexual nature

You are your Business! Don't follow people who are based in a different country that you are unlikely to get custom from, it is more important to get local Followers who are likely to buy your service or product.

So please remember to Retweet at least some of your Followers and by sharing other people/business handles that you want to follow you they may just try follow you as a thanks!

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