Getting Motivated

by Melanie Boylan
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You have a brand new business and so many things to set up and put in place, getting motivated at the beginning is easy. But as you get busier and especially as a sole trader you find yourself overwhelmed with home and work issues it can get hard to find the motivation to complete what you are doing.


They have their place. They can be written so you remember everything you need to do, so you can prioritise and also so you feel some satisfaction in ticking them off as you get jobs done.


Having short term achievable goals are vital as it can buoy up your black mood and make you again feel like you have accomplished something.


Now I know you are thinking that this could be something really nice like a Spa break away or maybe a financial boast, but it doesn't have to be. It can arranging a night out with your long term friends or maybe a more expensive meal out than usual. We all work long hours and put our whole selves into what we do, there is no problem in rewarding yourself once in a while.


Sounds like a very obvious thing to have but sometimes in quite a bit of shortage as a sole trader. Remember where you started your venture from. You talked about with friends and family, they are still there to support you but you need to get back to them once in a while to recharge your ideas and get suggestions from them. They are not as fed up/unmotivated about your business as you are and no you don't constantly go on about it when you are with them. :)

If you go to them asking for help, nine times out of ten they will provide it.It is so easy to get wrapped up in the fundamentals of your business that at times you can forget why you started it. Its not all about money, its about what you enjoy, when you start up your own business you can do it your own way. Never be afraid to ask for help from your local Enterprise Board and always look at ways of expanding your business.

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