Social Media Round Up September 2021

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media How To’s and Top Tips
Social Media Round Ups

Welcome to October

This has been a bit of a change from the sun drenched months hasn't it? I expect we'll be drenched in an entirely different way from hear on for the next little while. Have you got back into the swing of things as yet?  It's been an uphill struggle but we've got there.

Masterclass Series

If you’re ready to stop living off a never ending To Do List and get quality time back, then you should sign up for the Do less and Achieve More masterclass series.

Dervla McKenna, of StepOut.StepUp, handpicked 24 top experts and influencers for this complimentary masterclass series to share their success strategies, insights, tips and tools to help you grow your business, leverage your time, manage your mindset and shift the focus so your business answers to you not the other way around.

Best of all, it’s free and you can access it all by clicking here.

You may have noticed I have also started banging on about something else in my posts recently online. More on that later, let's get started shall we?


Privacy Settings

Ah, it's been at least a couple of months since I brought up Facebook privacy and this blog seemed to cover all the bases. As much as I would advocate on the usefulness of Facebook for business and its solid effectiveness for ads - there is a rather thin line where I feel unless you know about it, you may not feel sufficiently safe on this platform. It's all about the settings! Check out the blog post from Cnet and update yours. More information here.


How to Use Reels

Hootsuite are soooo useful!  They regularly create these useful guides and this one popped up over the last month, which I knew I had to share. It's not a resource I sue very often but saying that, I will be as of this month. It's all part of my strategy! So have you decided to bite-the-bullet and start using Reels?  Check out the guide and tag me when you get started, we'll do it together shall we?


More Popular than YouTube

That's right, apparently its getting more view time than that of YouTube these days, well in the UK and US anyway. Are you optimising this platform for your audiences? If your target market are either of these demographics that look to add this to your final quarter strategy and probably beyond. Read all about it in the BBC article here.


Bitcoin Tips Anyone?

The move to add this has been coming for sometime as we move more and more to other means of payment. As of now, certainly in the US - its now become an option to get paid in it. I still have this massive dilemma of not having a clue about Bitcoin. Maybe I'll have to finally explore it - if I don't want to miss the boat too much here. To learn more about this news, visit the blog post.

Google My Business

Getting Suspended for NOW having a Home Address

OK, let me start from the beginning. For many years now you needed to have a shop or building to have your business located but then COVID came along and a lot of people had to work from home but didn't want their address as a means of contact. GMB were kind enough to let that slide for the duration, but sadly this is now over.

Last week I was contacted by someone who had had their home based business with a business account suspended - even though they never have changed their address ever. I was completely thrown to be honest and spoke with Amanda Tento - my total go-to GMB Goddess and she cleared this all up for me. As above, they have now decided to remove this possibility. You need to have a physical location and if you work from home, I guess it's kinda tough.

You can't have a virtual address either. It was mentioned that it has happened in the past that even located business can get suspended by accident but these can eventually be sorted.

So you might find this article useful if you already HAVE been suspended our would like to know how to avoid it.

Supported Digital Marketing Strategy Training

If you're looking to create a strategy for your social media and overall digital marketing and would like to know how to do this by yourself for your own business or for the company you work for, then you maybe interested in doing this training that I offer.

I help you create it at a pace you set, filling in the gaps in your knowledge along the way. You'll be given work to do between the sessions that you can manage and that won't be overly disruptive to your everyday workload.

This will give you accountability and you can contact me anytime during the training if you have any questions that crop up between sessions.

Now that October is here I am happy to confirm I have a full listing of clients doing SDMS courses for this month but happily look to engage new people for November or indeed December too.

I can offer regular time slots to offer this training and it can run either in 1 month, 6 weeks or even 12 weeks if you prefer! I can give you the dates to fit around both our schedules from day one so you know this in advance. If you would like to learn more about what this covers, then visit this page.

This course has been currently been accepted by 5 Local Enterprise Office Areas as suitable for the Trading Online Voucher but you can also get this training directly.

Please note that this training is available to those who are interested outside of Ireland but really only possible to people whose availability for training slots is within Dublin Time of 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

Check out all the lovely testimonials I have received regarding this course in the link provided.

Mastering Your Marketing Management Workshop

Is it time you got your Marketing sorted?  This coming November, myself and Esther Ocampo are running our first Monday Morning Marketing Event and we'd love to have you join us!

What will you get out of it?

> First class speakers giving you actionable things you can do, not just lectures.

> Sessions offered at the level you're at!

> Videos will be made available for 7 days

> You can pay to have lifetime access to your videos if you would prefer.

> All of our Speakers will give you direct access to themselves straight after the workshop for direct booking.

Want to learn more about this? Then make sure to visit the website over the coming days and weeks as we add the speakers!

September Podcasts for The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast

Podcast 88 - What Not to Say to Your Social Media Manager

Podcast 89 - Colours with Sue Thompson

Podcast 90 - Keeping Costs Down

Podcast 91 - Boost Your Brand with Books with Beckie Sanderson


With the remaining three months, this is when to start working on your plans and goals for 2022 and see what work you need to put in to meet, match or surpass this years goals. Tweak your strategy, pay for ads, update your website whatever it takes to build upon all the good work you've achieved already.

Let myself and Esther help you out with this, we have not just got helpful talks but legitimate strategies coming from these speakers in November and with only 6 weeks left until the New Year, it will leave you in perfect position to start 2022 with a bang.

Take care and I'll bring you up to speed again in November (can't believe I'm saying that already). Please contact me if you need anything!

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