Finding the Right Direction for Your Business

by Melanie Boylan
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Finding the Right Direction

Finding the right direction for your business each year is important. You have to allow for the fact that your business is going to have to change and update at times.Maybe over the recent break you thought about doing just that going forward? Is it time to update your services or products? Maybe you might go from shop to online or the other way round? All of these decisions have their own merit - some from ambition, others from necessity. Whatever the reason, now you have to come off that roundabout and take a turn off it.Not all of these decisions need be a HUGE imposition either. There are ways of doing these by yourself. You can join Facebook groups that can provide support in your decision. You may find the Local Enterprise Office has some subsidised support too (always worth looking!). You can check out the videos in Youtube or take some books out of the local library too.These are all great BUT I would emphasise, these are all going to be very general answers. Don't take the first advice you get as word however, it is well worth shopping around and getting a few points of opinion.Here's a few suggestions I would like to pass on to you on a very general basis! I call it the YARP Principle - if you are a Simon Pegg / Hot Fuzz fan like me you may get that.


  • Can you go Live? Add Facebook Lives, Instagram Live and create a Youtube channel.
  • Create searchable tags that the layman would use.
  • Update old videos if the content is no longer relevant.


  • Check your data! Facebook, Twitter Insights, Google Analytics on your website.
  • When is your audience online and what do they respond to better?
  • If your audience has broadened, then create content they want to see.


  • Look at your branding and message, does it need updating?
  • Uniformity - across website, stand, flyers, vehicles, etc.
  • Add or remove a platform to reach your audience.


  • Create a strategy for the next 3 months at least.
  • Find images or create them, that tell a thousand words.
  • Blog content - talk about what you do and answer problems your customers have, SEO.

These tips are very basic but could give you the start you might just be looking for. You don't have to spend any extra money doing them either. There are a huge amount of free apps and CRM's that can help you with these.Speak to friends and family and bounce ideas off them, they can come up with the odd amazing gem at times, trust me.If you need any help with any of this let me know and I can either assist or direct you to someone who can. It's over to you now. Start the business you have afresh and kick it into gear!

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