How to Run a Successful Event (Virtual, Hybrid or Otherwise)

by Melanie Boylan
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There's no escaping the fact that running an event has changed. I feel some what for the better. Now we've learned that running events without meeting in person is possible, it actually means we can drastically widen our audience. If you're looking to do the same, then check out this useful Framework for your next event:

Announce "Save the Date"

From 4 – 6 weeks before the event you may want to let your current subscribers and partners know about what the event is and possibly even offer an Early Bird Discount (as they have obviously demonstrated loyalty you can call this a Loyalty Discount if you prefer).

Find Speakers, Partners, Suppliers, Sponsors.

Create a special event page to share from the website – create an event hashtag!

From 3 Weeks

Time to build Awareness, let people know how to find out more information, suggest people sign up to an email address to get info first and get Early Bird Tickets

As you start locking in Speakers, Suppliers and Sponsors ensure you also get their bio, picture, topic name, social media links and very importantly, correct social media handles!

Ensure all information is uploaded to the website

Create Bio pictures, marketing images and send out to all relevant parties

From 2 Weeks

This is when you really start ramping up the machine.  Building Consideration, show anticipated outcomes, get excited about the sessions, trainers, what’s in it for attendees.

By now the details you’ve requested from the Speakers and Sponsors have been collated and the agenda for the event confirmed.  You now need to start scheduling fresh images of the Speakers and any takeaways they have.  This will cover from now until the day of the event.

From 1 Week

Time for Conversion, now you’re spelling out agenda details, everything we mentioned in the previous weeks again.  Giving your audience a time limit.

The Day Before

Confirm ticket sales will end today and go up on the day of the event.  If you’re pre recording / online then you may want to sell Digital tickets that show the recordings.

On The Day

Ensure that speakers posts have been prescheduled and whether Live or not, do some live tweets, inserting images from presentations (if live include images of the venue, crowds, stands, food etc).

The Day after

Make sure you retweet, share, respond to any and all posts about the event.  Thank Sponsors, partners, staff and attendees and suggest people sign up to hear first about the next event in order to claim a loyalty discount.

Best of luck with your next event and if you would like any assistance with it, please contact me.

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