Social Media Round Up September 2016

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Hello everyoneWelcome to September social media round up. Facebook Live coming to desktop is easily the most significant change to happen this month. How much change will this make to other live streaming platforms we shall have to see but it's definitely going to have an impact on all of them!

Why You Need a Social Media Content Calendar

Hootsuite truly do put up some fantastic blogs and this one struck a chord for me this month. They reshared this several times too so they must have found it a popular one. In 5 Reasons Why a Social Media Content Calendar is Important for Your Business it explains what a content calendar is and to trouble shoot issues you may have along the way. Although this blog post is a couple years old, it is evergreen content so the information still applies!

Facebook Live Comes to Desktop

The announcement was made mid September that they were rolling this out gradually on to laptops and desktops. This will change the production value considerably for Live feeds as you can get better lighting and even use more than one camera. Let me know when you get your Live feed on your laptop!

Facebook Live logo

Social Media Acronyms

The amount of times when I first started my social media journey (many years ago) that I had to "google" terms! Now these terms are much more in use and recognised by so many people but not by all! Hootsuite put together this fabulous list for everyone to use and it just makes the jargon that much more bearable if you can understand it every now and then!

9 Google Analytic Tips to Improve Your Marketing

Kristi Hines latest blog post for Social Media Examiner has been invaluable! So many simple but inventive ways to help yourself that can give you very quick ways to measure the success of your website. I have found this particular post the MOST useful of the whole month, shame we had to wait until the very end of August to find it otherwise it would have got mentioned last month!

Facebook Secrets

I love these slightly unusual features that Kim Komando has outlined. Did you know you could download your entire Facebook history?? Have a read of her post 5 Facebook Secrets you should be using.

Broken Link Checker

Who ever came up with this idea was on to something, dead handy for every type of business! This little gem was brought to my attention by Kim Garst this month!


I love apps and have several paid for and free ones but I always like to learn about more. I found this post from Ineke Oates of Little Apple Lady Social Media really useful and it maybe of use to you too! Apps I Can't Live Without

I loved this in depth look of 5 Essentials to Plan a a Social Media Campaign from Eileen McCabe of Content Plan. Understanding how to implement a campaign is vital in order for you to get the ROI (return on investment) from all the hard work you put in to your business. It takes reading a few times to let all the information sink in - but please do it, it's pretty intrinsic to your business!

So that's all for now. I hope you enjoy this September social media round up and please do share the information of you feel others will benefit from it!

See you next month!


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