Social Media Round Up October 2017

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Social Media Round Up October 2017 brings you a few of the useful nuggets to be found on the web this past 4 weeks. If you are new to my round ups, please so subscribe and get them sent to your inbox each month. Ah...go on now...why not :)

I have managed to get myself out again a bit this month - I went to my first ever Masquarade Ball and frightened all of my friends by showing them I could actually dance and went to a Geek Fest with my eldest daughter called Octocon and even managed to be a Panellist! What a brilliant day that turned out to be...but I digress...let's get on with it...


It's happening a little more often now - it can happen to anyone and always without any notice.

This lady lost her business overnight. Using a Facebook page alone is a massive risk. Creating an email list or having a website where you can attract even more visitors but retarget with a Facebook Pixel is easy and frankly safer. IF you only use a Facebook Page for your business you might find you can qualify for the Trading Online Voucher Scheme and get help with setting up a lovely new website. Have a scan of the details and maybe 2018 you can start afresh?

Facebook Ads

This is an enormous area of contention for a lot of small business owners. It takes an awful lot of time and practice and you need to be able to view the business page insights and really target the correct audience. The other issue I have noticed is many people don't update their phone apps (which also updates your other platforms) anywhere near as much as they should. These updates help you with updating insights, security and removing bugs!

If you want to really reach your audience properly, don't boost posts, these are like slamming the heel of your hand to a whole bunch of people named Jeff. Your audience is Jeff in Mullingar, why would the other Jeff's want to hear from you? So if you want to reach Jeff in Mullingar then simply create an ad for him. If you feel Sally from Navan might find your product or service of interest, then create an ad for her too, etc.

Facebook logo jpg


Pretty much every platform out there these days is gearing up for video. The best way to spread your message and build up a relationship of trust it to get testimonials. By far the best way to convince people to buy from you is getting them in a video format! I do understand however it's tough to get your customers to do this but it really does make a fantastic difference. I came across this post from Victor Blasco in Social Media Examiner over the last few days and thought you might find it useful.

Stomp Social Media Round Up October 2017
Image courtesy of Social Media Examiner

Just a short one this month as I have been told that this was where you wanted specific content this month and I do listen!

I look forward to catching up with everyone over the coming 4 weeks!

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