Social Media Round Up October 2018

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Social Media Round Up October 2018

Happy November!

This October has been a busy one social media wise you may have noticed! I have been fairly myself with a tad bit of travel along the way. I hope you enjoy this months round up and as always, let me know if you have any feedback or questions!

I spent Halloween in San Diego with my family and am still there now. It's been a buzz!


I think I must have guessed something was up, to have started with Google+ last month. If you missed it, Google+ has "Sunseted" and will indeed go completely dark from August next year.

I am thoroughly depressed about this, as I have found it to be a very valuable tool for SEO. Over the years it has helped me get found when I moved area from Co Wicklow to Co Westmeath (no ads). Only recently it help me get found when someone was looking for a speaker in Dublin, when they looked online in California, USA. Both times the people stated it took them to posts I had written in Google+. Only earlier this month I telling about this valuable tool.

Anyway after 7 years, of which about most of the last 3 there has been major security flaws with it. Let's us hope that Google come up with another platform that is as useful but less flawed!

Facebook Likes

I don't like how much value some businesses place on Facebook Likes. It's great to have them, please don't get me wrong, but it's ultimately "vanity-metrics". You could have thousands and thousands of Likes but if they aren't engaging with your page or gaining ongoing value from your content, it actually has a bad impact on your visibility.

I am professionally a well recognised brand but have under 1000 Likes on my page. However, I do have a regular and high engagement on my page. This means I have people liking, responding or clicking through to articles I am sharing. I really like this post from Hootsuite (again) "How to Get More Facebook Likes: 10 Tactics That Actually Work" if you want to continue to build your Likes, yet gain ones that will continue to gain value from your posts.

Facebook logo jpg

Facebook Ads Measuring Tool

Facebook has introduced a new tool, called Creative Compass, which is designed to help businesses measure the impact of Facebook ads. There are several ways to do this without the tool if you know how but this is an excellent fall-back for the busy business owner. Read this article from Search Engine Journal.

Content Ideas

One of my favourite channels of content that I share is Hootsuite. They are a scheduling platform that has levels of support that range from free to paid and suit most small to medium sized business. I have used them (along with others) for years now. Their post "Not Sure What to Post on Social Media? 10 Content Ideas That Work" is a great go-to if you are getting stuck - we all do at times trust me!

Helpful Blogs

How to Use Twitter Lists By Samantha Kelly

The Financial Times Guide to Social Media Strategy Reviewed by Simon Cocking

When I write to you next I will be back again in Ireland - but for now, let me say bye and I will step outside into the 24 degree heat again!

Yours distractedly....Melanie

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