Social Media Round Up February 2018

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Social Media Round Up February 2018

This past month has been a genuine blur of activity. From lots of networking events in Ireland to speaking events in Latvia it has certainly been a busy month. I have had a lot of 121 and small group training sessions this past 4 weeks which is quite unusual for me in February but there has definitely been a significant upturn in my work over the last 6 months. Long may it last!

Sorry for the lateness in this posting! The 4 extra days of enforced no work because of "snowmegaddon" meant I could get very little done. It was fun for the weekend but missing last Thursday and Friday was not funny!

Facebook was 14 Years Old

Facebook is well into its teens now and has had quite the childhood. I loved reading this blog post from Spandan Sharma. They have highlighted the significant changes of each year and I can almost feel myself painfully exploring each one of them as they came out. It's now just a matter of course that you update the "app" on your phone, but it used to be a lot clunkier than that and certainly not as frequent either.

The Power Editor in Facebook

We have known for some time that Power Editor would be disappearing soon and being amalgamated into Ads Manager. Jon Loomer told of the announcement last September. There are some people very unhappy about this, they have preferred the deep analysis of Power Editor over Ads Manager. However Power Editor has never been very user friendly for the small business owners out there and was really a tool for agencies. Over time as more and more people were using Ads Manager, Facebook felt compelled to improve the whole UX and thus it essentially put the use of Power Editor slowly but surely further down the priority list. I have known quite a few Influencers who moved over completely from Power editor to Ads Manager years ago as it was just too impractical and fiddly. Did you like/prefer Power Editor?


I am still meeting people every week who have not heard of this significant update. There is fortunately a lot of very useful courses and workshops you can attend to learn more about what it means for your business. I have also found this 11 page document very easy to read and get through as well.

Scheduling Tweets on Twitter

I will be honest I do schedule a fair bit for different for different platforms for myself. I schedule on Twitter most of all. The reason for this would be the half life of a tweet is minuscule in comparison to other platforms, so in order to stay in front of your audience you need to keep content up on a regular basis.There are lots of platforms which are free and paid-for that you can use and in this article recently shared by Ian Anderson Gray and written by Lisa Kalner Williams are some superb examples. It really depends on what you use Twitter for and how much time you can dedicate to it. Have a read of this article and see if you can up your presence using these tools.

Image courtesy of Ian Anderson Gray

Google Analytics

Over time we gain a lot more confidence with our profile online. This is because we can measure our reach by usual social media analytics, right? You can actually see how many Likes/Reactions you're getting in real time as well. It is really handy you can do this!However, realising the effectiveness of your own website (especially when its not ecommerce) can be a tad harder! That is where the FREE Google Analytics tool steps in and helps us. You (or your web developer) simply it add it to your website and it tracks and reports how and where visitors to your website came too and dropped off. It says from which countries, how long they stayed and what they engaged with.I will be honest though, Google Analytics is a bit of beast to master! I feel comfortable with it but I wouldn't say I would know it inside out just yet. That is why guides like this from the likes of Ian Cleary are so useful.

Image courtesy of Ian Cleary - RazorSocial

Useful Blogs

What is the Difference Between Possibility and Opportunity? By Melanie Boylan

The Best Way to Use Social Media Marketing to Establish Your Start Up By Isabella Rossalini

How to Start a Business - Top Tips for Female Entrepreneurs By Samantha Kelly

Facebook Advertising FAQ By Urban Renstrom

Useful Events Coming Up

Advanced Facebook Marketing

Early Bird Tickets Still Available until the 10th of March! Please click the image above to book.

That is all I have time for today! I hope you find this content useful and as always, if you hear of anything that you feel needs sharing please let me know!

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