Social Media Round Up September 2019

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Happy September! I've been looking forward to this month! I enjoyed spending the time with the kids over the Summer of course, but it's so nice to get back into the swing of things again! This month has fortunately been busy with meetings and training and the odd event too. My trip to the Business Market was brilliant and I very much enjoyed the day. Then my trip to Copenhagen for Tech BBQ, (another new city and country for me) for Irish Tech News was definitely my highlight of the month. Read my blog about the emerging technology I found there. Let's get started....

Facebook Live

It's still an ever evolving channel and the Facebook Queen, Mari Smith has recently shared how to take advantage of trimming tools to improve your Facebook Lives. I know my audience are still reticent of using Facebook Live but it is becoming the norm for many industries and you need to look at adding this as a marketing opportunity.

Facebook Live logo

Free Stock Video Sites

It's very difficult to continually find engaging content to share and even harder when you're on a small budget. Fortunately there are some excellent free video sites that you can download and then voice over that you might find useful. Hootsuite as ever, has given us a very comprehensive list and I hope you find this as useful as I did!

5 Common Mistakes we all make on Social Media

Yep, even me... Cybersecurity isn't foremost in our minds I get that. But it's happening to more and more people that I know. Their accounts are being duplicated, people have their own accounts hacked and it's simply because we all feel it won't happen to us. The more complacent we become, unfortunately the more sophisticated these criminals are getting. We may not even realise they're doing it. This article from Daniel Markuson, the digital privacy expert at NordVPN is the appropriate slap on the cheek we all need.

Google My Business Checklist

Hands up who uses Google My Business? Sadly not enough people in my opinion, as its a fabulous SEO tool. I came across this fabulous Infographic from PR Daily that just needs to be shared! Kudos to the guys for getting to the basics and making it flow, I couldn't have done better myself.

LinkedIn Algorithm Changes Explained

I know this article is targeted towards "Marketers" but this really is to anyone who uses LinkedIn. LinkedIn, if a little late in the day, have decided to explore their algorithm in much the same way at Facebook have been doing in forever. To this end they have incorporated likes that assist this change. They have also opened up the field of audience (which is something Facebook have on just recently narrowed), to allow a greater reach of your posts, etc. Have a read for yourself and please do take it into account. This is an excellent way to explain these changes and I'm for one going to be making the changes suggested.

Useful Blogs

Twitter Lingo and What it Means by Samantha Kelly

5 Free Tools to Create Amazing Eye Catching Graphics by Kim Garst

Events Coming Up

Catch me next month at the National Women's Enterprise Day in Dublin and the Women's Inspire Conference also in Dublin.

I'm so proud to be able to represent my business here at both of these amazing events. I am approaching 6 years in business and these events promise to be amazing! I hope to see you there!See you next month!

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