Social Media Round Up February 2017

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Social Media Round up February 2017

Happy Wednesday! The February social media round up is short but sweet. I wanted to give you some brief updates on the changes that have happened this month that you may have missed.


One of the THE most common questions I am asked is about doing competitions on Facebook. There are just so many things that are deciding factors for the success of these on your business page. Mari Smith has nicely rounded this up in a short video. Have a check of this!

Have you been using the automated video captions that Facebook launched this time last year? Well they have now updated them to include them for all videos. You can go back and edit old ones to include the captions. Please check out this post from Social Media Today on how to use this tool.

Facebook Contest Suggestions

It seemed the thing to do by following Mari's rules that I put up a few of Kim Garst's suggestions! I'll be honest with you - I didn't realise there was so many different types but I guess that just means I am not a typical selected demographic for many of the contests??

If you want to liven up your business page with one of these suggestions then check out this post and see what you could implement in a matter of minutes to shake things up.

Social Media Round Up February 2017

Hiding Comments on Your Facebook Business Page

Did you know you could do this? Sometimes it's necessary to do and its the least of all the evils (delete post and ban the person). If it's just a "joke" that seems harmless then by hiding it the poster is completely unaware that the rest of the page can't see it. The poster and "friends" are the only ones that can. Have a read of this post from AgoraPulse who go into the pros and cons of doing this.

Should-You-Hide-Comments-on-Your-Facebook-Page-FB Social Media Round Up February 2017
Image courtesy of AgoraPulse

The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Manager

I'm sorry I didn't spot this when it came out last month! Buffer have provided an indispensable guide that tackles terminology and strategy among other things. It is quite a large blog post be warned but you can always use the Ctrl-F to look up keywords if needed. I'm going to keep this to share with clients in the future.

Tracking Social Media in Google Analytics

It's an oldie but a goodie! Making sure you check on your ROI makes the whole point of spending time on social media worthwhile. If you don't analyse the success you could well be wasting a whole lot of time!I personally found Google Analytics quite hard to get my head around at first. I spent several months getting advice, attending webinars and watching Youtube to understand it better. I frequently put up links to understanding its properties as I know I am not alone in this! Please read this post from Hootsuite.

Blogs to Read

That's all I have time for now but please return next month to find out what's up for March! If you have any specific queries or want me to blog for an event coming up, please email


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