Social Media Round Up November 2017

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Social Media Round Up November 2017

This months November 2017 round up is brought to you by tres amounts of coffee and dogged determination! It's been a busy month one way or the other for me. I've been given some tremendous opportunities to work with some amazing people and it's been a delight to work with such an Influencer such as Daniel Ramamoorthy on a project this month. Hopefully more to come over the coming year!

Daniel Ramamoorthy

Social Media Cheat Sheet

With all the changes that have happened this year - each platform invariably change their image sizes much to my frustration! Fortunately between Hubspot and Hootsuite they regularly update their cheat sheet so here's the latest for you as of today!

Facebook Audience Targeting

Creating an audience that will reach the right end user is the only way to go these days with Facebook. It can be quite tricky though. You really do need to nail down your audience and refine as fully as you can. I have been subscribing for some time now to CPC Strategy and have found their blogs extremely useful. Tara explains in 5 easy (ish) steps how to really make a good start in your targeting. This one is well worth you bookmarking and referring back to during the year.

Creating a Content Calendar

By far the easiest way to make the most of your time in social media is to have a contentcalendar. It helps you prepare and prioritise! If you have never used one before its well worth looking into. I have used them now for about 4 years and have found I can manage my time so much better with one than without! This particular schedule is downloadable and easy to understand and use. Try and use it yourself - just target the first quarter of 2018 mentally and get in the habit of filling it out each month.

2018-social-media-content-calendar Social Media Round Up November 2017
Image courtesy of CoSchedule


I don't know about you but I cringe each time I see those four letters. My initial thoughts were that this meant I would have to remove my email database but now maybe not! I have been an avid fan of Andrew and Pete for some time now and they produce a fair bit of live content. This video outlines in a lighthearted way that all is not lost for the small business owner when it comes to GDPR. It's always of course worth looking harder and deeper into it - your sector maybe vastly different to mine so do ensure you read up!


With the New Year coming up you may be looking to change career and improve your prospects for 2018. If this is the case then you going to have to update your LinkedIn profile! A lot of us set them us when we first left school and added all our aspirations and friends from Uni. Now its time to give this platform a freshen up and remove simply what isn't accurate or possibly untrue! Read this blog from Alice Underwood from Grammerly and update yours.

I hope these blogs help you though the month to get ready for 2018! My final round up will come out at the end of the month as usual. Have a great month and I hope you don't get too stressed with the Christmas shopping!

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