Social Media Round Up September 2018

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Social Media Round Up September 2018

I honestly thought this month would be like a slow drip feed of work for me and I would you know, wind up to the busy couple of months into the final quarter. Truely I had no idea how busy it would be! Having to deal with my accounts was no help either. I can see at least another week of work on them too! Facebook unsurprisingly features a lot in this roundup! Anyway, I digress, let's get on with it.


I know, I have started with Google+! Why would I do that? Because let's face it, people only scan posts anyway and I thought I change it up a bit...

Yes - Google+ as an entity is still around and yes, I do still use it. Other than the fact it is a fabulous SEO tool for business it's also super easy to share content to Google+ channels because pretty much every free (and paid for) platform allow you too.

Most of the searches in Ireland are conducted on Google. Then somewhat later followed by Yahoo and then even later (??) Bing. Google have this culture of One Account not vastly dis-similar to the One Ring scenario really now I think about it... What I mean by this is that Google will help you find anything Google related first when you use a Google search engine.

So the point is...if you want to get found...use Google+!!


Goodness me! Facebook has been VERY BUGGY all month! Posts disappearing, scheduled posts dropping links. Then comments going in the wrong order and the apparent inability of posting anything at all for 2 days on your business page on your laptop/desktop. However, it worked fine posting to your page from mobile? The obvious climax of this was 90 million people having to log out of their accounts after 50 million had their accounts compromised.

I really enjoy Facebook, but that last month was extremely hard work! Who knows what impact this will have on Facebook overall. I believe the only people impacted were ones that had their debit/credit cards on their accounts. I only noted this as the only people who didn't need to log out didn't do Ads??

Apart from the massive impact on their stocks/shares. I think Facebook are going to have to go some way to reassure their audience that their platform is safe. I'm finding all these back doors to trouble are happening more often.

Let me know your thoughts on this Facebook issue, are you ready to call it a day yet?

Facebook logo jpg


I have been getting regular updates from Instagram over the last month. They had quite a big flurry of them and then just before the end of the month the 2 Founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger leave! There was no reason given as far as I can tell and now (1st of October) I have heard Mark Zuckerbergs bestie has taken over. Will there be a change of direction? Who know's we shall just have to watch this space

Yep, that one right there! To see what happens next.

new instagram logo


This platform is still THE best platform to recruit and would still be considered the go-to for jobseekers. So LinkedIn have created a tool called "Talent Insights" to help firms find the people they are looking for directly."With this tool, firms can now take the guesswork out of their hiring strategies and equip themselves with market and geo-agnostic intelligence to understand their workforce better."

To learn more, check out this article.

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Events Coming Up

Women's Inspire Network The 5th and latest conference arranged by Samantha Kelly aka Tweetinggoddess. This network supports and empowers women entrepreneurs from all around the world. The online network does 2 offline events a year and has arrived this time at Aviva Stadium. Some tickets still available. 10th October. Aviva Stadium. Tickets: €76.20.

Amplify Digital Marketing Training Seminar I am delighted to be speaking at this conference in Limerick about Harnessing the Power of Twitter. Visit the link above to get your tickets! Add "STOMP20" to get 20% off. Clayton Hotel Limerick, 8:30am to 3pm. 11th October 2018. Tickets: Early Bird €99, Standard ticket, €149.

Social Media Live Formerly known as the Social Media Summit originally started by Samantha Kelly. This is now owned by Cogs and Marvel and has been totally rebranded. This will be the first event in the new brand name. RDS 25th October. Tickets: €350

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