Social Media Round Up November 2016

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Social Media Round Up November 2016

This months social media round up has some bitty changes but nevertheless good ones!It's been a weird month for me personally this one, I have been weirdly tortured by self doubt for the first half of it and thought of jacking it all in at one stage, thank heavens I have such good support. Every business has it's ups and downs - if you ever need a listening ear, please let me know. I would love to be able to give back the support I have been given and shown recently.

Madly enough during the last half of the month, things have never been better! I have featured in Irish Tech News a couple of times and was a part of this years Marketing Success Summit and they went brilliantly! You just never know do you...Now back to the November Social Media Round Up.

Irish Tech News

I am pleased to confirm I have started contributing to Irish Tech News and have every intention of keeping it a regular thing to do! Please check out my articles listed below:

5 ways to prepare your business for the new year
5 Ways to Prepare your Business for the New Year

Do I Need to be on Every Social Media Platform?

Then I was showcased on their page too!

STOMP Social Media Training Interview

Facebook Ads

As always, its important to keep up with all the latest Facebook Ad tips so when I came across this blog from Jason How of JS Social it made sense to share. Also if you scroll further down you will see other tips that others have suggested too. Worth a look!

Facebook Ad Terms

A regular contributor to my Round Up is Urban Renstrom - I just missed this last month so thought I would share this month. He has put an article entitled "39 Facebook Ad Terms Taking you from Novice to Expert [Glossary]". A super detailed glossary that brings beginners up to speed really quickly and helps you fathom the jargon related to Facebook Ads

Image courtesy of Urban Renstrom
Image courtesy of Urban Renstrom

Google Analytics

I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier but I came across this blog post from Ian Cleary of Razorsocial this month. I have spent months training myself in Google Analytics but it is so diverse it is hard to keep up with. Ian wrote this entry back in March this year and explains What is a Bounce Rate? As it is targeted at beginners you can start to be eased into understanding it.

Image Courtesy of RazorSocial
Image Courtesy of RazorSocial

Twitter Ads

Twitter baffles a lot of people due to its speed and requirements, but have you used the Twitter Ads option yet? Hootsuite released this blog towards the end of the month and I have found it very comprehensive and easy to understand. They go on to explain who can use them and what different options you have. They have a step by step explanation of how to start a campaign. How to Use Twitter Ads - Well worth a read!

Social Media Profile Photos

This is something close to my heart this month as I came to the realisation I needed to updated mine. I can't pull off the old images of me any longer and spent some time with an amazing photographer in Dublin only 2 weeks ago. I asked her not to retouch too much as I am growing old disgracefully and reached a point where I don't care. My new images will be launched in the new year with my 2017 profiles. This article is from a leading LinkedIn Marketer, Melonie Dodaro 5 Elements of a Successful Social Media Profile.

Image Courtesy of Top Dog Social
Image Courtesy of Top Dog Social

That is literally all I have for you right now but it is looking like a busy month coming up in December! My final round up will come before the end of December. See you then!

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