Social Media Round Up March 2017

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Wow Saturday morning and its April the 1st! This months Social Media Round Up is quite a bit bigger than last month so please bear with me!

Email Signature

We all have one but do we all use it to its fullest extent? It is in itself a marketing tool. You receive an email from someone but you need to call them, its the first place you would go to, to look for their number. Well you can also potentially add website, social media platforms, special offers, events or even your latest blog. It's free, quick and easy to update and to find out more, read this article!

Social Media Checklist

We hear a lot of what we should do, but not always what we shouldn't. Personally I don't like to be negative but the content in this post was actually really thorough, so well worth the share. Over time we can get a little complacent and forget things. Maybe print this out and slip a copy of it on your office wall. It's a prompt, not a telling off! Thanks to Caitlin Burgess of Top Rank Marketing Blog.


Google has decided to discontinue its Annotations Editor beginning May 2, making annotations - any text, links or hot spots layered over a video - no longer available to creators. I have personally never used the Annotations Editor but I do know some of my audience does. Make sure you have your ducks in a row by the end of this month. Read this post to learn more. Marketing Land, Amy Gesenhues. (Updated December 2019!)

Some of my older blogs do still get hits and I was recently invited to include this rather useful guide on Affiliate Marketing on YouTube. I'm not ignorant to the fact that back-linking is good, so here I am sharing this content as it genuinely is something my audience would want to read.

If you're a relative novice to YouTube you could well be missing on a mint load of money that could be a new revenue stream for you for years to come. Read this blog post from Spencer on Buildapreneur and see if you can make your YouTube work for you.

Content Calendar

I am asked about this a fair bit as it happens. People mention that now its March/April time that it's too late to start a Content Calendar. Trust me, it really isn't! You can start one when ever you want. They are there for your use and just help your implement your content in a more time friendly manner. Find a calendar that suits you - there are literally thousands you can copy, download or transfer. This blog maybe useful to you, I came across it this post the past month from the Content Marketing Institute. I love the way Aaron Orendorff has explained how to keep it humanised. A lot of people think keeping content "professional" looking is making it uniform and frankly boring. Yet if you inject a wee bit of humour in there, your audience remembers it better.

Content is King Mari Smith #BigSocial

Google URL Builder

I know this is getting a little complex now - but social media isn't just Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is ALL your content online including your website. I personally think it is highly important that you share your website content on your social media to bring your audience back to the one platform you actually have some control over, namely your personal / business website.With this tool brilliantly explained by Ian Cleary of RazorSocial, you can find out exactly how people came to your link in firmly defined ways. It is an extension to your Google Analytics, but most of my readers will know how important I find that! Have a read of the post and if you have any questions, either contact me, or Ian for further assistance.

Facebook Lead Ads

It was always thought that any ad created for Facebook would be fiddly and expensive. It's not the case though. Have you see this yet?

Getting people to sign up for events and newsletters can be quite confronting. With Lead Ads however, you can make it that much easier for them to do it. Visit the video from Fred Lam and let me know what you think?

Update to the Facebook Inbox

You may have seen the Global rollout already of the comments from all Facebook related and connected pages are now in the one Inbox. It even puts your ad responses in there! Makes is soo much easier to see and find your comments. What did you think of this change and is it for the better in your opinion? Read Paul Fairbrother of AdEspresso University in their post about it all

Events Coming Up April 2017

Women's Inspire Network Conference - Cork - 5th April

All Ireland Business Summit - Croke Park - 6th April

Social Media Summit Ireland - Croke Park - 11 and 12th April

Whatswhat BizExpo - Citywest Convention Centre - 26th April

Speaking at BizExpo
Melanie speaking last year at BizExpo

If you could make the BizExpo this month. I am a headline sponsor of the event and speaking at it. This time about Canva for Business. I will also be at the Social Media Clinic on the day, so come with any queries!

It is FREE to enter and all the workshops are entirely free too. Come along and get the answers you need and network to get the leads too.See you there hopefully!Melanie

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