Social Media Round Up July 2018

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Social Media Round Up July 2018

This month is a wee round up as I have been a little more relaxed than usual - what with having the kids off the past 4 weeks! So lets fire in and see what we need to know:


Why ever not? I always start with Facebook and I fancied a change. Pinterest (2008) was THE visual platform long before the likes of Instagram (2010) and Snapchat (2011).Sometimes actually visualizing your goals can make you more focused and when you can share it in such an attractive way it in my opinion it also makes you a little more accountable too. I may have missed the boat a tad bit here but the only actual "Vision Board" I have ever come across on Pinterest would be Samantha Kelly's. She has actually actioned most of hers now so maybe that's what I should do? I will create a Vision Board of my own and see what I can achieve as well. Eventually ;

In the meantime, why not check out Peg Fitzpatricks article "How to Use Pinterest to Create a Vision Board"

Instagram - Story Templates

Well, now after dissing Instagram, I felt it was only appropriate to demonstrate just how great it is afterall. Our friends at Hootsuite have written an excellent article on how to create and use 12 Free Instagram Story Templates. Every platform looks for you to tell a story and fortunately a lot of them are making it easier and easier to tell one each and every update. (Though I seem to still be missing the Questions update - much to my chagrin..).

new instagram logo

Questions Update

OK, I may as well tackle this...The best way to engage your audience is to talk to them and ask them to engage with you. One way is Facebook Live and this allows you to engage directly by typing messages or even joining a "Live", same with Instagram Live.With this addition to Instagram, it takes the pressure off the more shy 'grammers and means that they can engage in a more systematic way.

You do however have to wait for the update (??) or you may already have it (lucky you). Have as read of this useful blog and start channelling your questions to your audience as soon as you can!

Instagram - Want to be a TV Star?

Yes, Instagram can make you a star! Well not really but it can certainly help you attain some popularity. You can now have up to an hour to share your pre-prepared video and get your story to the masses. This new option is available to anyone who has had the update and has a largish account with a few followers.You will need to create the channel and then upload your video. A notification will go out to your followers and be made available publicly too. You will need to upload the video vertically as it won't adjust. Have a read of this blog post from tech-crunch to learn more.I may just avoid writing about Facebook altogether this month!

Useful Information:

Have you heard of the Online Trading Voucher Scheme?

To apply you have to meet a relatively easy criteria - as below:

  • no more than 10 employees;
  • less than €2m in turnover;
  • be trading for at least 12 months and
  • be located in the region of the local enterprise office to whom they are applying.
  • (plus other T & C's)

If this is of interest, please visit this link to learn more.

Useful Blogs

How to Maintain My Website? Eimer Duffy - FIT Social Media

How to Use Video Content to Sell More Stuff Kim Garst

That's all for now - I look forward to bringing you another round up at the beginning of September for the August updates. Have a great one folks.

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