Social Media Round Up January 2017

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Social Media Round Up January 2017

What a start to the year! The first social media round up January 2017 brings you some changes and updates that help you improve your techniques.

I personally took some time off over the Christmas break so I am struggling also to get my business head back on too! How have you managed to get your year started "socially"? Have you tried learning a new platform or tried a new scheduler? Sometimes you just have to stretch yourself to make some positive changes to your time-management. With this is mind, please check out my latest social media finds for you!


I had to obviously include a post from Mari Smith in the Facebook section for January 2017! She has worked closely with BuzzSumo for sometime now. They have conducted some research together to see how to get better engagement for your business page for 2017. This post and top tips from Mari are really worth saving for your reference throughout the year.Facebook

Mari Smith January

In the last week of the month Jeraldin Phneah of Social Bakers shared this post telling us about the changes she had come across on Facebook.

  1. Longer videos with higher completion rates will be ranked more highly on newsfeed
  2. Authentic posts will rank more highly on the newsfeed
  3. Facebook newsfeed will prioritize timely posts

Take advantage of these helpful posts and keep yourself ahead for 2017.

Automating Your Social Media

I know managing time is paramount to my clients. I had personally spent the first couple of years of my business just managing on free platforms to do this. I have now realised however, that there really is no substitute for some of the paid platforms out there. In saying this, the free platforms are an excellent stepping stone into learning what time saving tools there are out there.

Lilach Bullock Big Social

The post I am sharing here is from Lilach Bulloch who I met in 2015 at the Big Social Media Conference in Manchester. What an amazing lady she is as well. Please read this and see what platforms might suit you?

How to get Over Yourself

Yes I said it. We all need to get over ourselves at times and realise that most of the time we are getting in our own way. I will be honest with you, I didn't really appreciate this at first. I don't think any of us do to be fair. I kept on giving myself excuses, family, money, time, etc. In the end if was more to do with a lack of my self confidence. Amanda Webb sat down to an interview with Frederique Murphy and discussed beating Imposter Syndrome. I had never heard the term before but it really described what I was feeling. Kim Garst shared something very similar here. It's refreshing to think that everyone feels the same at times!

Plans and Blogging for 2017

I am delighted to confirm that I am sponsoring a few things this year! First of all I am sponsoring the Women's Inspire Network website. As part of this I am popping up one blog a month on their website. I have been a member and advocate of the Women's Inspire network for some time now so it made sense to foster this relationship further this year.You may also know that I have been an active member of for a number of years now. I was delighted to be asked to speak at their BizExpo last year and am now an active member of their ongoing Social Media Clinic. I have also sponsored their annual event for this coming April. The event is free to attend and some stands are available from now. Please visit the links above to get further details!

Speaking at Galway Women's Inspire Network

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to speak at this months event. I decided to speak about how to keep it interesting when talking about your business. Too many times we get analytical when talking about it and what we really need to do is keep it uplifting, personable and frankly not boring. So I through in a few anecdotal comments and pitched some suggestions on how to shake it up. I wasn't booed out the room, so i guess it went alright!

Me speaking at Women's Inspire Galway social media round up january 2017

Blogs to Read:

First up this month I was mentioned in this article from Kays Flowers - many thanks ladies! Building Up Your Florist Brand I was delighted to be featured in this article with Irish Tech News. 47 Awesome Women in Tech for 2017, Great Insights from Global Female Tech Influencers My 7 Top Tips to Optimise Your Social Media I worked with Samantha Kelly, Marie Collins and Michelle Duffy Rudden to complete these tips to kickstart your Social Media for 2017 Kickstart 2017 with these Simple Tips for your Social Media Strategy from the Experts My Blog for Women's Inspire Network this month The Meaning of Women's Inspire I hope you enjoy the reads! I have really enjoyed a very busy first month of 2017! See you next month!

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