Social Media Round Up August 2022

by Melanie Boylan
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Social Media Round Ups

Don't miss the latest social media updates from August 2022. Facebook Reels now scheduled on Creator Studio and why Google Business Profile has stopped posting!

Welcome to September

The last month has been tremendously busy at home and at work so I've personally been looking forward to September. At least with the kids back to school I'll get a break lol!

This last month has seen some small yet instrumental changes to the social media world.

Let's get started..


Live Shopping is Going

Honest to god - I didn't know this was even a thing! I guess I'm not the hip demographic or maybe it was never really working anyway? They are now making Reels on both Instagram and Facebook do the legwork. Which I have noticed to be fair. You can still do Live shopping events on Instagram though.

I don't think there was ever going to be any real success with QVC style shopping here in Europe on Facebook but read the blog here about it.

Hashtags on Facebook?

I have seen people use hashtags - normally while posting from Instagram and typically I would hear from other marketers (and I would say the same) that this doesn't help increase reach and kinda looks lazy. However! It seems to be working a teeny, tiny bit for organic reach.

Now saying this, I still think it looks kinda lazy BUT if Mari Smith says people should use hashtags liberally in their posts as it doesn't hurt.... then maybe we should?


Just when we thought we could get rid of Creator Studio

Meta decide to add Reels scheduling to it! Yep, you heard right. Now you can schedule your pre-recorded Reels here. It doesn't have the same experience of doing it live though. You can't add working hashtags and the limited range of gifs is a bit rough but it is possible to do it! Let's see if they are going to build the experience up over the coming months / years.

What does look possible though is that Meta want to be able to do this within the Instagram app to schedule for both posts and Reels. This is of course makes a lot more sense and I'm sure it will come down the line some stage.


Post Templates

A new addition to LinkedIn, in this last month has been post templates. They come in a range of colours and fonts as well. Not massively differently to what Facebook offer. Have read of this article and then scoot over to LinkedIn to find yours. They have gifs as well. The article writer didn't seem too impressed!

Work Requests on LinkedIn Services

Do you remember all the fanfare to the Services being launched a while back? No me either. However, apparently there's an element that allows you to accept work requests that you DON'T get any notifications for! If our resident expert (and friend) Louise Brogan wasn't aware then you probably don't either! Check out her very useful video below and don't miss an opportunity again.


Twitter Circle for everyone!

I'm sure you're delighted to hear that now everyone can access a smaller group on a public profile on a regular basis.

I guess I do use the Friends, Close Friends etc on Facebook every now and then so it follows you can do something similar on Twitter. Now if only they handed out the edit button to everyone!

Google Business Profile

Are You Spamming Your Feed By Accident?

So this is why you keep breaking the rules! I have had so many posts not posting over the last month and now I know why!  Apparently you are now spamming your feed because you are sharing your logo! Or maybe resharing evergreen posts? Oh for heavens sake! What a stupid rule!  Now I'll have to edit EVERY single post in order for it to go to GBP. I can see this really stirring people up. I have been advocating for this platform for a very long time but this is just simply unfair. I do hope this is stopped in the not too distant future.

Learn more about this silly update here.


Updates that Actually Improve Creator Experience!

I have to say I am actually very impressed with the updates here from YouTube. They are making it a lot more comfortable and easier for creators as a whole. The previous limitations on music has changed as has the Subscriber subset for the better. Read this article to learn more.

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August Podcasts for The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast

Podcast 136 - What is the Twitter Circle?

Podcast 137 - What would you do with 1 million?

Podcast 138 - How to Market like IKEA with Finola Howard

Podcast 139 - Can you niche down too much?


August brought some smaller changes (thankfully!) and I can only assume it was because everyone wanted a wee break! I hope you enjoy this months and I look forward to bringing you this months in due course.

If you have any questions on any of this or would like to bring your own questions to me, then contact me today!.

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