Social Media Round Up August 2017

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Social Media Round Up August 2017

What a loooooonnnnngggggg month August 2017 was! I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that, (judging by the meme's I saw going up each week). The weather was fine and I managed to start gardening with my kids after having a lot of work done in the garden the past two months. We have never "gardened" this should be interesting to say the least...Now back to the matter at hand. I have spotted a few nuggets of news here and there but really nothing massively noteworthy. See what you think of this months Round Up.

Facebook Updates

There were several tweaks over the month, all quite small but you may have seen the app on your phone updated twice? If not, then please make sure you keep updating your apps. These are bug fixes and updates that should make your user experience better!

These included making the image size a circle, improved link imaging and easier navigation in the app overall. It's weird - I personally feel its become a little "retro". I keep on having throwbacks to Yahoo Groups and their discussion trails. Mind you - that could just be me??

Social Media Analytics Tools

I have been following Ian Cleary of Razorsocial for some time now. I love the way he conveys information in a no nonsense manner. One of the most useful posts I saw from him earlier this year was his post from January going into detail about social media analytics and what to measure. Check out this post and see what changes you need to implement in your business in order to get your ROI.

Social Media Image Sizing

This unfortunately changes way too often for my liking! I love that Hootsuite are great about keeping it updated for the masses though! I am going to be changing format on my website soon as I am starting to have great difficulty ensuring my images are the right size and it just looks cleaner when you apply the correct size!


Let's face it - you spend hours thinking of what to write about, then spend hours writing and tweaking it, then more hours creating the perfect image. You place it up on your website and pretty much hope for the best afterwards!Hear from Lilach Bullock on ways to best make money from your blogs to gain the best traction and use it for relationship building in this post.

BLOG image

Talking of Blogs...

I am still blogging away for Women's Inspire and Irish Tech News. Check out the links below to my recent articles!

I was kept pretty busy with ITN! There were more but I will leave these here for now.

September has brought an end to some of my contracts and a couple of new ones have started thankfully! I am also back to networking and attending conferences from this month too!

I look forward to a much busier round up the end of this month!Have a good month :)

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