Social Media Round Up August 2016

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Hello allI have had a fantastically busy month this month! Social Media Round Ups are fast becoming one of the best ways to help your audience and I have been very fortunate to find such excellent people to share!


Facebook have changed the algorithm again this month and this time are promoting those posts that you would find more informative. This is achieved by how you comment, Like and react to posts by a page. If you rarely do any of this apage it will drop the views you get of it. It still favours personal pages over business ones but if you have a page that you comment or share regularly you still stand to see that more than before.

Here's an excellent article from Amanda Webb of Spiderworking on promoting organic reach on Facebook. Some fantastic tips that helps you improve your chances.

Facebook Organic Reach Spiderworking

Facebook Layout Redesign

Everyone will now have the new design layout but you will now have to make a few tweaks in order to look your best for the consumer. Mari Smith shared this excellent Adobe Spark video with recommendations.

Social Media Scheduling

Having the correct tools for the job makes the experience of managing your own page so much easier and frankly more enjoyable. There are of course a lot of products you can get for free but more and more tools are chargeable these days and I have found life much easier for having them. Remember to offset these charges by incorporating them into your costs and you and your customer can both benefit from them.

Ian Cleary of RazorSocial has recently updated his Reference Guide for Social Media Scheduling - Tools and Tactics.

Being a Social Media Manager

This may not apply to you per se but if you are responsible for getting your companies message out on social media then this is for you!It makes sense that you check first what you currently have and audit it, this gives you something to measure from. This post is another one to keep so please make sure you print this out and use it!

24 Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest Features

This is an oldie but a goodie from Lindsay Kolowich of Hubspot in February. It details lots of hidden gems within each platform that can save you time and make your life easier. These are very under-used, which ones do you use at the moment?

Hubspot Logo

The End of Google Hangouts

It's no surprise really that Google Hangouts are going in a couple of weeks time. With the loss of Meerkat last year and not long ago Blab, several live streaming apps are getting lost by the wayside after Facebook Live and apps like Skype and have taken a more business approach. I have personally been in very few Google Hangouts and found them spotty over the last few months.

However, Youtube Live will be taking over from them a few weeks later, check out this article to learn more about these changes.

Google Hangouts

Facebook Ads Guide from Buffer

This guide has been around for a while now and is frequently updated. The great thing about this one is you can also download it! This is great for someone who is starting from scratch, so share away to people you know who may be struggling!

That's all for now, between spending time with the family, enjoying the summer and trying to do some work I haven't managed to get a lot set aside for this months round up! Have a great September and see you at the end of this month!

Events Coming Up This Month

WhatsWhat Digital Marketing Training Day - Melanie is on the Social Media Clinic

WIN Galway MeetUp

EXIM Summit

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