Social Media Round Up April 2016

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Hi all!The April round up has been relatively easy to sort, so many changes but this time they're a bit more discreet than former months.

Facebook Business Manager

Personally as far as I am concerned I have only had this a short time and so far not very fussed by it. It's fiddly and makes me click more than I want to to get where I want to be. It's a nightmare to introduce to people new to Facebook and I try to avoid that at all costs and I hate that I can't share posts to my Pages on mobile because they can't be seen via the Facebook app. It's OK for ads but that's about it. Maybe I need more time on it and it may grow on me more, but that is looking less likely by the day. There is however a way to escape this platform! Check out this Youtube video sourced by Kim Garst for an escape method.

How Facebook News Feed Works

A few years back there was a slide you could put up that demonstrated the algorithm - these days it just too complicated to explain it like that! Now Facebook uses a Relevancy Score, click this link to find out how it works and why you get to see what you in see in your newsfeed.

relevancy score jon loomer

Changes to Page Management and Posting Options in Facebook

This month a fair few tweaks were made to Pages and you may have spotted them being rolled out. You may now have trouble seeing if you're posting as yourself or your Page or you can't find your Pages newsfeed now. Andrew Hutchinson of Social Media Today wrote a very thorough article on those changes, make sure you check it out.

Facebook Algorithm Change - Again!

A late entry to the April round up is the new algorithm change - this time targeting the continuing "clickbait" that is still out there. Now Facebook are measuring how long a persona stays on a post. If you needed any more reason to provide value to a post here it is! Please read the article explaining how it works from Simply Measured here.

How to Add the Facebook Conversion Pixel

This was a mini nightmare for me. I don't "do" websites and found this very confusing and then happened upon Jenny Brennan's blog post aptly named post. Check it out and let me know how you get on.

Jenny Brennan Virtual Office Worx Fermanagh #irishbizparty

Facebook Ads Image Sizes

This is the bane of all people new to Facebook Ads! Getting the size wrong can really impact your message and it just looks plain unprofessional. Thanks to Dorcas Reamonn of Zonua for sourcing this!

Facebook ad image size

Messenger Codes

When messenger codes popped up on my news feed I initially despaired as I thought it was yet another separate area for me to police but mercifully it isn't and it's actually going to make things easier! I can honestly say my friend Murie Collins of DigiPulseMarketing has explained this very clearly, check out her article here to understand the benefits of this new add-on on Facebook. Here's mine!

STOMP Social Media Training Messenger Code

The update should now be on your iPhone as it was rolled out last night. Check your Messenger app and you can now scan a code directly from Messenger.

Messenger Scan Code
Messenger Scan Code 2
Messenger Scanner in Action

(Hahaha - you can even see my Instagram getting some likes)

Measuring Social Media Using Google Analytics

Do you find using Google Analytics difficult and meaningless? I know I did for a long time but once you finally grasp it and get over the technophobia you really do find some handy results from it. This article shared in the Social Media Examiner delves deeply into the usefulness of this free help from Google. The article shows you which referrers are bringing people to your page and where from and even how to create conversion paths! Well handy, it's a keeper!

Social Media Examiner Image

How to Use Snapchat

We all need to start somewhere and I embrace all new things in several ways. By being shown by someone, having a go, watching Youtube videos and looking up useful "How to" guides. One of my favourite guides is the "..for Dummies". I have used them on and off for years and they still work for me! Check this one out!

Snapchat is NOT being used effectively by a lot of people just yet, me neither frankly but I am using the "I'm a newbie" card at the moment. I follow people who just go to the gym, show their pecks a lot or are constantly out raving and I wonder why they want me to know about it??? I prefer to use this channel as an SME to show people who I am and what drives me. All my other platforms aren't really used this way and it means they can get up close and personal and find out who the real Melanie is. I use Instagram in a similar way but I find as I have no product to show as a service I get less followers on there. That's another thing I love about Snapchat, there is currently no counter so you have no idea how many followers you have so you have no idea how many people actually follow you unless you ask Snapchat themselves! Give me a follow on it and we can learn together.

Melanie snapchat
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