Social Media Round Up March 2018

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Social Media Round Up March 2018

Welcome to Spring (it probably is somewhere) and my monthly round up for March 2018. It seems Facebook is all that matters this month!

No matter how long you are in business there is always lessons to be learnt. When I learn them, no matter how big or small they are I always update my terms of service/conditions. It's a practice I recommend to my clients as well. When did you last look at and update yours? It is a solid idea to keep doing this as it protects you and keeps the expectations of your clients in better alignment with your own.


Well is there really anything else to talk about? I mean seriously Facebook! In case you "might" have missed the ensuing saga, Facebook have been er...keeping ALL your data! OK, that's enough of the alarmist stuff.It really isn't that much of a mystery if you think about it. You see holiday content show up in your personal Facebook newsfeed shortly after you've sent your friend a message in Messenger about a holiday. How else can Facebook send you content you want to see? They are all about the algorithm!

I certainly don't believe for a minute that Facebook actually "listen" to us on our phones (but I expect that is to come! ;) ). I also believe we all blindly ticked the box to say we have read the terms and conditions when we first signed up years ago and actually never looked at it. I certainly and to be honest with you. I probably still wouldn't if another desirable platform showed up.

Well I could have picked any number of posts, messages or articles to share with you but I figured if I shared this Independent article it would make me out to be clever and articulate :). Facebook have now unsurprisingly made available some tools that help you delete the content you want to in order to some how make back some of the huge stock loss they made when the story first broke. All I can say Facebook is best of luck with that, now that Playboy have deleted their Facebook account over it I don't think they are over the hump of this issue just yet!

Privacy, Blocking and Tracking on Facebook

Sometimes you don't need to know just about other apps - you can just learn to manage your privacy through the platforms own section. This article is extremely useful and self explanatory and I must say it is very shocking just how many apps are enabled on your profile! I did a good clear out myself!

Image courtesy of IFLScience!

Blogs to Read

Another fab and informative blog from my friend Urban Renstrom Facebook Advertising FAQ

Samantha Kelly wrote a very informative blog post about How to Turn Your Twitter Followers into Raving Fans.

Events Coming Up this April

DigCitSummitIRL The DigCit Summit provides the ideal gathering space for national and international Digital Citizenship influencers. The meeting format will be different than the usual conference. It will create conversations about concepts and opportunities with a goal toward cultural change.

The Summit will foster cross-sector collaboration around Positive DigCit. The purpose of the additional free events is to involve not only the attendees but also the public/community. Science Gallery Dublin 28th April. Tickets FREE but please do register to help with numbers! I am a Speaker at this event!

BizExpo 2018 is an annual event held by to support Irish SME's and give them a platform that is affordable to reach their audience. The BizExpo now in its sixth year has a strong track record of producing well run and well attended annual event. The BizExpo allows both exhibitors and visitors alike to forge new business opportunities. Creating a platform for networking and product showcasing giving SME's a larger market presence in today's competitive economy.The City West Hotel, located in CityWest, Dublin on 25th April 2018 10am - 5pm. Tickets FREE - Stands €195 + VAT.

Dublin Tech Summit The Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) is an international technology conference held in Dublin, Ireland. The first summit took place on 15 and 16 February 2017, at the Convention Centre Dublin in the city's "Silicon Docks". The summit aims to run annually, and to attract more than 10,000 attendees,[1] including influential speakers, startups, exhibitors, sponsors and investors. Dublin Convention Centre 18th and 19th of April. Tickets €349 and up at this time.

Dublin Tech Summit logo

All Ireland Business Summit Its 4th annual return and a great corporate event to snuggle up next to the top movers and shakers in industry. Come fully prepped with cards and a plan. Take part in the Biz All Stars Awards too. Croke Park. 19th April. Tickets: €149 Early Bird Single ticket, but there are other options, please check the link.

Womens Inspire Network - Claim Your Space and Own It! I am thrilled to be attending yet another WIN Conference. View the details and check out the top notch and well recognised speakers and book your tickets. They ALWAYS sell out ahead of time hence why I feel it necessary to mention here. 11th April, Connacht Hotel, Galway. Tickets €75+fee only around 50 available 04/03/18.

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