How to Share a Blog

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media How To’s and Top Tips

So you're looking at this right now to know how to share a blog right? You've create something pertinent, interesting and engaging and then you put it up on your website and wait for people to swoon in and share....but....they don't...why?

The Process to Share a Blog

Making sure you have a great headline is obviously very important. Then getting a great image and then schedule it up on the website at the best time to reach your audience. Now what? How many people actually see it?

As important as all of the above is getting some decent and easy to use social share buttons. These are normally located at the top of the blog but if you're in the habit of doing long blog posts then it's worth putting them at the bottom of the blog too.

Tweet: Use your social share buttons to share your own content!

Now you have the share buttons, use them, share them straight away! It's surprising how few people actually use their own buttons! Make sure you do and then schedule your blog to come out on different platforms (each one) at different times at least once a week for a few weeks. Then go to related pages where you can find your audience and share them there too. I tend to share my blogs on a business platform / website called It has fantastic SEO as it's been around years and has a company working on it regularly to keep it up in the rankings too. The more you can share your material on reputable pages the better!

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Feature your blog on your website. Make it the latest news or make it a sticky for a short while at any rate, all depending on how often you post of course.

The surest way to create a buzz is to be part of a supportive page or website known as a "Tribe". These are normally a group of businesses that either are very similar or very different. They group together and agree to share others content as long as theirs is shared too. If you can't find them yourself, you could always be the innovator and create a tribe of your own. They come in and share your content on all of their platforms and this should hopefully improve your ranking in Google and your reach everywhere!

Points to Remember!

  • Great Headline
  • Great Image
  • Best time up on your website (Google Analytics)
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Share your own blog straight away and schedule ahead
  • Add your blog to pages where you can find your audience
  • Feature your blog on your website
  • Make it latest news or sticky it
  • Share your blog post in a "Tribe"

If there is anything I can add to my monthly round ups or maybe I can use your blog as a case study, then please let me know.

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