How to Schedule Posts on Facebook

by Melanie Boylan
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How to Schedule Posts on Facebook

Every business owner struggles with time management on occasion and I'm no exception! Over the past few weeks I have had to schedule posts on Facebook due as my workload builds up and of course, keeping track of my clients.

By simply spending some time building a monthly or quarterly strategy and a wee bit of preparation (i.e. graphics etc) I already know what content I want to put up. However, it's not always convenient for me to put it up live.

I could schedule through a third party app, in this instance though I am going to be scheduling through Facebook itself. It has made life so much easier for me, it shows I still have a relevant, up-to-date presence online, even when I can't get online. Very useful if you have several meetings to attend to or when you are away on holiday and are not sure how good your Wifi will be in at a different location.

You can schedule posts on Facebook for several dates and times and be able to get a report directly from Facebook when the page has been posted. So far this is only possible on a group/business page, not on a personal page but who knows if Facebook will add schedule posts at a later date.I can schedule posts either on my laptop or iPad and iPhone so have this available at my fingertips anywhere! Maybe have a play with it yourself and instead of making your posts Public, just practice saying for you only until you are comfortable doing it.

How to Schedule:

Add your content and image(s) as standard in the text box on your Facebook Page and then click the small downward arrow next to the publish button on the bottom of the box.You will have the option to schedule, click that and it will bring you this this box below where you can schedule up to 6 months ahead.

Hope this helps!

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