How to Reduce Permanent Loss of Access to Your Meta Business Page and Meta Business Manager

by Melanie Boylan
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Here I outline some of the ways you can try to protect your Facebook Business Page. Read on to learn more.

Last month I wrote a blog about a client I worked with earlier on this year. He had unfortunately lost access to his Meta Business Manager a couple of days before we met. on what happened when I worked with a business page owner who lost access to their Meta Business Manager and business page and we worked together to get it back. In this blog post I want to suggest ways that might help this from happening in the first place and if it does happen, you'll know what information Meta needs to help you get it back.

First and foremost I highly recommend you don't use your business email address to login into your Facebook profile. Most scammers will try your business email first I would imagine. Also add the two factor authentication to your account as well.


Every person who has a business page will now have Meta Business Suite, so open that first on your laptop and go into All Tools, as seen below and scroll slightly down to Ads Manager (obviously if you've done ads before):

When you open Ads Manager you'll see this page and take a record of the areas I have hidden here. This is what is your Ad Account ID is.

Now I do have a Business Manager of course, so to find my information I open up my ad account as above and then click on round cog wheel (on the far left hand side) and this takes me to my Business Settings. In this page you'll see you who has access to your ad account. You can add people here as well if you wish.

Now you know how to access your Business Settings, from here you can scroll through the different pages you have access to. My suggestion here is to open each page and click on Pages Tab, Instagram Tab and then scroll down to Business Info Tab as seen below and copy down the relevant ID's that you'll see at the top of each section.

Please don't email this to yourself or someone else calling it Business Info! That makes it easy for you to find of course but also easier to find for others as well. My suggestion would be to print it out somewhere (a couple of times) and keep it securely in a safe, maybe at a parents house as well.

I would also highly recommend that you have more than one Admin on your Page and Meta Business Manager, this can be and will likely make the biggest difference. However, if your page is stolen from you, which is what tends to happen more often, they usually remove all Admins immediately anyway. By having all of this ID information to hand you'll be able to read this blog and regain access much faster (hopefully).

I would also like to stress how important it is to remove old Admins / users after they stop working for or with you. If you're unsure how to do this then please refer to this help page from Meta.

If you would like any assistance with either preparing and saving your information or regaining access, please contact me and I will do my best to help you.

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