How to Create a Video From Scratch Using Your iPhone

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media How To’s and Top Tips

What you Need:

  • Pen / pencil
  • Paper
  • Props
  • Location
  • iMovie App (Free)
  • Canva
  • Free or paid for images
  • Free or paid for videos
  • Lapel Microphone
  • iPhone stand
  • Patience…


Script it Out

It’s vital that you outline roughly what you’re going to say and how long it takes to say it.  Some people who have a lot to say in one go may memorise or even purchase a teleprompter to achieve this.

By creating a script you can also ascertain how you’re going to use available space and any props needed.  You may also want to include someone in your video.  If so, do they need cues when to walk in?  Or maybe you’re including them from the beginning but they need to know when to start talking.

All videos need to start here.  It’s creating a Storyboard for your video – whether it’s short or long.

Props & Location

Now you’ve decided what’s being said, will you need to create, source and purchase props?  What about location, will you need to book in advance or ask for permission?  Will you need to take bulky lighting, backdrops etc?  What if it’s outside, do you have a plan B if the inevitable happens and it pours or gets too windy?

For some video’s depending on location and the Public, you’ll need to put up signage warning people they may end up appearing in a video.  Some locations make ask you to draft up permission forms for everyone, not just children.  All of this research needs to be conducted if your looking at large scale recording.

However, if you’re looking at just you for instance recording at a location, will you be allowed or more pointedly – do you have to give a credit of permission to the venue in your video?  Some insist, some don’t want it!  Some may give you permission to film on location as long as you mention their website as an example.

What to Wear?

What you wear can very much can aid your message.  Will you go the Branded route and get something specially made or will you go with branded colours?  What feeling or first impressions matter most to you when your audience watches this for the first time?

Even how you wear make up or have your hair has to be ideally, consistent in each video as well, so please give this some thought.

Editing, Tone and Timing

Editing is everything!  It can make you come across as zany, professional or something in between.  Some businesses prefer to keep the screen moving rapidly between text, images and videos with an upbeat track.  Others want a slower pace with less screen movement, its what you feel will work with the audience you’re targeting that matters most.

If you plan to do voiceovers (which is also possible in iMovie) think about clearly enunciating and don’t speak too fast.  Always add captions (either using Clips or adding captions to the finished product in Facebook or Youtube.

What kind of style video are you considering?  There are several.

“Did you know…”

Educate and entertain your audience with fascinating facts about your service or products.  Treat it like a mini tv series.


Get to know the people behind the brand, share their personal journey and find ways to connect better to your audience.


Make it showcase of your business, maybe the StartUp story and growth.  Share your wares and promote your range.


It’s also suggested videos for Facebook should be 3 minutes or longer and for YouTube 7-15 minutes.  Can you do Part one and Part Two maybe?

At the End

What ever way you decide to film your video, think about adding credits to the end to mention any people that helped or your location, consider a “jingle” that can be created especially for your video (using Canva Pro or a free music site or indeed a pro) and remember to add up the finished product to YouTube.

Making your video shareable and age appropriate is essential and then don’t be afraid to keep re-sharing your video, especially if it's “evergreen” and won’t go out of date quickly.

If you would like any guidance on this, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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