Why should I add a Bio to Twitter?

by Melanie Boylan
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Why should I add a bio to Twitter?

Maybe you realised a while a go that you might do better "awareness wise" by placing you or your business on Twitter. You put in the website and where you live, why should you go any further? Simply put, you won't get ANY of the followers you anticipated if you don't! It can be very frustrating to the "follower" that you have gone to the trouble of putting yourself on Twitter and then not explained who or what you do?

Remember there is a good chance that there is either a very similar type Handle (this is what your @blahblah is referred as) as yours. Or maybe if your business is easy to miss-spell, another entirely different person out there could be getting your "business".In your bio it is worth adding relevant hashtags. This makes you visible when someone conducts a search in these areas. I do know that past advice had been to avoid doing this as it may "distract" the user . Frankly I think we are all a lot more clued up these days and we all expect to do as few clicks as possible to find what we want.



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Twitter Tools

There are so many tools! You could go through pages and pages of free and paid-for tools that would benefit every shape and size of business. Buffer did this enormous blog in July 2016 (apologies if this is somewhat out of date in some areas) entitled "93 Free Twitter Tools and Apps to Fit Any Need". So I don't think it is because people cannot access tools or training to get help with Twitter. I think people have trouble understanding how to optimise their tools without using with these tools and don't have the time or patience to use them.

Over the years I have come across some amazing tools and still use them today to analyse, build and remove people.

My preferred selection would be as below (this list is not exhaustive - it changes!)Twitter Analytics, Followerwonk, TwitFollow, Tweepi, AgoraPulse, Buffer, Hootsuite and a couple of others! I use them for different things either individually or in bulk.

Twitter Bio Generator - Always good for a laugh and it might inspire you to be more creative. Have a play it only takes a minute or two!

There is one other large issue to overcome as well. Twitter may consider you a "fake", especially if you don't have a photo as well. At the end of the day Twitter is just an algorithm and it has to decide on a lot of things in order to execute searches and whose content shows over another. You make it all the easier by completing your profile, photo, bio and having a great header photo too.

fake follower bio to twitter

So What Now?

What I can recommend is that you have another look at your Twitter branding and bio and see if it needs a new lick of paint and a word tickle. Do you have a profile image? How old is it? Is your branding in your profile anywhere? Have you used any words describing what you do in your bio? Have you got your website or business page on there? How often do you update the images?

Incorporate these changes if necessary over the next few weeks and start a strategy to update it more regularly. Look at your competitors and see what they do as a start.

If you need any assistance with this then please do not hesitate to contact me, I am only an email or phone call away!

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