What Should I Post Up on My Business Facebook Page?

by Melanie Boylan
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What Should I Post on My Facebook Business Page?

This is one of the most common questions I am asked. If you wrote down just how much you knew about your business, you would be surprised! There is a lot of information that you as a business owner knows that your audience wants to know believe it or not.

Understanding who your audience is and creating content that engages is also essential. Check out how to create an Avatar or Client Profile and refine them first.

I know some people feel that giving away that information may devalue their offering, but that really isn't the case! Simply put - when you create "general" posts it meets a "general" criteria. People will only gain value when you personalise it and give it significance to them personally. This is particularly important for a service type business. Check out the headings below:

What Should I Post Up on My Business Facebook Page?

Product Based Business

I personally think having a product is one of the simplest things to talk about in posts and on your website. You can create posts that explain how and where the product can be used. You can speak to your target audience about situations that matter to them and create relevance of the product to them as well.

Being a product you also have the opportunity to use a lot of visual posts as well. You could create images of your product in the "natural" and an unnatural setting. By changing up the image it also makes it more memorable.

What Should I Post Up on My Business Facebook Page?

Service Based Business

Service based business normally rely on people. However, a lot of people don't like to be the focus! I totally get this, it's no fun being scrutinised personally. It's also not easy for everyone to shout out how great they are either! So to overcome this, you can talk about how your service helped OTHER people.Tell your audience about the differences your service made to them. Explain how people can benefit from your service, where to find your service etc. Written or recorded testimonials are gold.

What Should I Post Up on My Business Facebook Page?

SME or Company

I separated this because things can be a slightly different for a larger business. When you are a larger business, you have the opportunity to work with other likeminded companies and collaborate. You then have the chance to mention / tag their business and the hope would be they would thank and share yours. This means you get to engage a similar audience that belongs to an entirely different company.

Also like a larger business, you can introduce the staff, sponsors or supporters of your business.

What Should I Post Up on My Business Facebook Page?

Social Group or Community

Every size of business can share their story of creation and build up.The Social Group or Community can share it in such a different way. People who volunteer or work in this sector are the "everyday hero". Their motivations will essentially be different to a business.A Social Group can share their own communities stories as well. For example if you are a Mother & Toddler Group you can perhaps share the original set up story and the innovators who started it. Then share any fundraising or local council support they may have. There will be events and functions being held at such locations that can be shared also.

Share Related Business Content

As mentioned above, you need to create a Client Profile. Remember, the content you are creating and sharing must be what your audience wants to see, not necessarily what you want to see. To this end, think of related businesses that you don't compete with that might be of interest to your audience.

If your business is a Fish and Chip Shop then you might find that your audience (when separated) would be interested in Sports news, Family Events and Student news. Don't be afraid to share other people's content in order to keep your audience constantly re-engaged and connecting with your brand.

Go Live

Lest we forget! There is also the facility to utilise Facebook Live. This is still another way to reach your audience and helps you develop a better relationship with them. Going Live is yet another post that goes up on your Facebook newsfeed.

Ask For the Sale

Having a call-to-action is essential. We both know that when people look at your page they MUST have an interest. However, all you need to do to get the sale is simply ask.Ask people to share a post, ask them to book a ticket or view your stock. Where possible create an advert and send your audience to either a shopify section on your Facebook page or directly to your website. Each time select the appropriate "button" to complete the sale.

If you would like to get some direct one to one attention with regards to your Facebook Business Page, then you are welcome to contact me directly. Alternatively view my Events page and learn about upcoming events that are available to you and upcoming training and speaking dates I have.

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