6 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Profile Today

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media How To’s and Top Tips

1. Follower Support Apps

When we all first set up our Twitter accounts we are bombarded by loads of apps that can "help us grow our followers". I was too when I first started and I unwittingly signed up to these supports. I remember feeling a huge sense of accomplishment those first few months seeing my attrition grow. Over time however it got tedious and repetitive and if I had a particularly bad week of unfollowers, a little embarrassing!

unfollower appa 22 have Followed, 6 have Unfollowed via

Now that I am a bit better developed and experienced and not quite so green around the gills any more I feel it's important to portray a more professional look. I don't feel I need the help anymore, not in such a visible way anyway. I have used a free app on my iPhone for ages now called TwitFollow that I can go in and see who has followed and unfollowed and I can do the same in the app.


There is a free and a premium option for Twitfollow and that is only $9.99 for the year. It has a great range of analytics and even the free option has enough to get you by. There are several choices of Follower / Unfollower apps that you can upload onto your phone but this is the one I have used for some time now

2. Facebook Linked Tweets

I have seen a few Twitter accounts just full of these! It's such a shame as it gives a poor first impression and gives your audience very little to go on.

As you can see no one has retweeted or loved any of them. I suggest removing this link as soon as possible. Check out this easy to read article on how to do this here!

3. Being More Sharing and Social

No images for this one! If you constantly just share your own content on Twitter it means you are not using the platform to its fullest potential. You need to look at businesses and locations you work with or frequent and start sharing their content too. It's very important you strike up conversation with others as well, this expands your reach with minimal effort.

If you are passionate about a charity or a home project you are currently doing, that could be worth sharing as well. Maybe something community based in your location could be shared also? Your audience wants to see all aspects of your personality, not just the formal, work based side. If you show your more personal side it makes you much more relatable to your audience.

4. Tweet More Frequently

This can be interpreted in several different ways. There is an expectation from someone in the business such as myself to pretty much have a continuous flow of content out on Twitter! However, if you tweet at least 3-5 times a day and go in once a day and retweet others, it will have a good impact on your social reach. Over time you will become more used to checking it more frequently, especially if you have a smart phone!

5. Schedule Your Content

Schedule - 5 ways to improve your twitter profile today

In order to Tweet More Frequently, it will be considerably easier for you to schedule your tweets! There are lots of free options you can add to do this. I have in the past used Klout, Buffer and Tweetdeck but an easy to use, free option you might want to consider is Hootsuite. It is also available on your phone as a free app. You can schedule for as far in advance as you want, but I would recommend a week and half and then every weekend perhaps just put in the next week and a half! Then you have upped your presence online and just need to be responsive. This you do by ensuring you have notifications on in your smart phone app.

6. Add Twitter Cards

Twitter cards enable your audience to view your pictures, videos and links with all the sexy looking visuals you have prepared for them as well. Another thing your audience can do is sign up for things without ever leaving Twitter too. I shared this post from Buffer in November 2015 but the content is still true: The Everything Guide to Twitter Cards: How to Choose, Set Up, Measure Them And More.

I hope you find this article useful and I am sure once you have these things implemented, it will go a long way into improving your presence and time on this platform!

If you would like any assistance with this, email melanie@stomp.ie today.

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