The 10 Business Predictions for 2024

by Melanie Boylan
Business Mindset
Social Media How To’s and Top Tips

Learn about the 10 business predictions I have made, that you might just have to be open for!

I have managed to sit down this month and start working on my predictions for 2024. Let's explore what we need to understand, consider and work on for 2024. Tell me what your predictions are if they fall outside of these ones?

Conversation and Community

It's been noted that people are spending less and less time on their social media, especially over the last two years. They're using it in an entirely different way. It's something that some providers have also accepted as well and are now offering Ad-Free options like Meta and TikTok and even Snapchat are offering something similar.

When a user opens up their phone, they don't want to be sold too, they want to connect to their friends, their communities. Or they want to be entertained or even educated in some way. Our audience is totally over the hard sell. What will likely work more in 2024 is conversation and community. Ideally, we need to capture them in our socials and bring them either into a closed Facebook group, meet them in-person or bring them together for an event. Finding your tribe, seems to matter ore than ever. This is also referred to by some marketers as Engagement Marketing.

Collaboration and Visual Platforms

I think more of us need to collaborate more and especially on TikTok. They (TikTok) are really trying to encourage creators over to the platform and to this end it means there is going to be less traction on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. In the same breath, I think YouTube is not to be missed either. They have such a large amount of traction through Google. Everyone is missing a trick by not implementing more fully on both of these platforms.

Creativity and Colour

I've noticed a large turn online to more colours and vibrancy when it comes to branding, story telling and just general posting. It stands out more, makes it more personal and its almost like "peacocking" is more accepted and supported. I do think there has been a shift in mindset, we all want to be more positive these days after lockdowns, losses, strikes and of course the "cost-of-living-crisis" so maybe this a safe way to be more upbeat?

Assisted Imagination and Planning

AI has crept into everything in the last year from blogging, video creation, scheduling and more. We have become braver and maybe a little too reliant on these tools. I like utilising these for ideas personally but I also don't want to be too "samey" as others. The pricing structures are still pretty high but I do think these will drop over the next couple of years.

Other Peoples Content

As we get braver and our audience does too - I can see there will likely be an explosion in utilsing their content for promotion purposes. From testimonials, how-to's and customer experience I can see these all being repurposed for social, website and even email marketing!

Voice Search

So many devices, websites and more is being optimised for voice search. It's faster, easier and more accurate these days! Is this something you can adopt and adapt for your business?  It's another SEO tool for your business and aids your customer to getting the answers they are looking for!

I will certainly be keeping a keen eye out for these and what other people have been suggesting as well. It's going to be fun to see if these either come true or not and I have noticed that their is considerable skill available and accessible these days for tools, so literally anything looks possible, you just need to be open to it!

I'll be back next month with another blog!

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