Social Media Round Up October 2015

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

November has arrived and for some reason it's still warm. Maybe it's lulling us into a false sense of security!

This months Social Media Round Up is pretty much all Facebook. This is mostly because it's the one area I am asked most about, the changes that are happening to Facebook are greater this month than it has been in a while and I am sure it has something to do with there being more money in the economy right now after a lean few years.

Businesses are trying to upscale themselves, smaller businesses have bigger budgets to afford promotion etc.


Hilariously the much anticipated Facebook Reactions never materialised in my small corner of the world although it should have done in Ireland this month. (They must have rolled out Spain first). I have neither seen someone else in Ireland use them or have had access to them myself, but I am looking forward to seeing them when they are implemented. I do run a Facebook page for a charity and have seen other people use Reactions on some of their posts when I have looked at the analytics, but that is the closest I have got to it.

Has your iPhone been experiencing some battery problems recently? This could be down to a Facebook app not closing properly and Ari Grant a Facebook Engineering Manager admitted as much this month. It's been labelled a "CPU spin" but it needed a name and that will do! Techcrunch's article goes into details.

Instant Articles appeared this month also for iPhones. There is a small selection of popular pages that you can share their articles with at the moment and they are trialing Android at this time. National Geographic, The Guardian, Huffington Post and that sort of ilk are the ones with the ability to do it right now but with progress the way its going now I'm sure others will follow very soon. You can apply to become a Publisher too, not too sure how but when you follow the link you will be directed to it at the end of the page. Let me know how you get on ;)

I am going to have endless fun with Facebook Notes methinks! After reading Syed Balkhi's recent post on it I think he maybe on the money about how these are to be used, especially the part about Facebook becoming it's own medium for blogging! I use Facebook to drive people to my blog along with countless millions of other people and all I am doing is driving people away from something I can't pay them for. However, if I start blogging on my Facebook business page and I maybe suggest people go to my blog to read the rest of the post, that way I can still get Facebook to share my post natively and still get views on my website too. I expect Facebook will close that loophole fairly swiftly though!


Yes I said Christmas! It is only 7 Mondays away and you are well an truly ready for the big event I am are right?

Christmas Content Calendar

Over the course of the next few weeks, like myself, you are preparing content, creating an editorial calendar, scheduling things, creating attractive images in Canva and arranging for expiring posts on Facebook. Naturally there is the Facebook Ad Campaign that you have sorted out with the client profile you previously created.

Now all that's left to do is to sort out the first quarter of next years Marketing Plan and do all of the above again! Yay!

However, if you haven't had chance to get this sorted, please let me know and contact me!

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