Social Media Round Up December 2017

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Social Media Round Up December 2017

I am feeling a little more relaxed for my social media round December 2017. Admittedly it does help that I have been chilling at home with the family the past week or so and wantonly eating and ignoring my ongoing diet. Alas that will have to come to abrupt end in the next day or so as the New Year is about to spring on me. I genuinely hope from the bottom of my heart that you have had a nice break from everything the past week and I hope you return revitalised in the coming week. :)

Important Facebook Newsfeed Update

Direct from the Facebook Newsroom we heard this month that they are stamping down on the "engagement bait". It was a matter of time of course. They got rid of the enormous amount of sharing and liking of cat pictures, this simply had to follow. What does this mean? Let me explain...

People who has previously asked you to Like a post or to say Yes will have their content demoted in a sense. They will be given less "air-time" and organic reach will drop. Over time if they do it repeatedly they will be penalised even more. It's a valuable and very important update and one we are Marketers and promoters of our business mustn't ignore! Make sure you read and bookmark this post.

Image courtesy of Facebook Newsroom

Facebook Ad design

With all the pressure on paid ads for Facebook these days and the obvious reduction in click bait. It is more important than ever that we need to create better, more comprehensive and attractive designs to get people stopping at our content as they scroll through. To this end, we need to put across in that few seconds what we want our audience to take away in that image. It really is true you know, a picture paints a thousand words. Let's face it, a lot of us aren't as expressive as Picasso either. We need to generate an image the says what it means and in a quick way. We have less time than ever ourselves to create them.

I came across this article in Irish Tech News this month which I know you will find useful, thanks to Edina ZejniLovic.

Facebook click image Social Media Round Up December 2017
Image courtesy of Irish Tech News

Social Media Calendar

You can never have too many calendar options and last months one went down well with you - I thought I should share this one too. I use the Social Media Examiner website as a reference bank. Their content is always updated and they follow the pulse of social media updates extremely closely.

Image courtesy of Social Media Examiner

Beating the Organic Reach Blues

I love this Hootsuite blog post. It really highlights on the best ways to improve your chances on being found organically. I have been using this approach for some time now and have found that interspersing it with the odd paid advert it really does reach far better! There is no point pretending you can get around the algorithm altogether - its just too complex but by adhering to these frankly very simple points - you will notice an improvement on a gradual basis. Give it a try for 2018!

I hope you have found my blogs useful this year and I look forward to giving you more value in 2018. I regularly share other peoples content, so if you would like to appear in my monthly round up then please let me know. It's free!

Please find some more useful blogs below and I look forward to another sensational year and I hope you will join me!

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