Social Media Round Up November 2019

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Hi allWinter has definitely come this month and made its mark! This month in STOMP HQ has been considerably quieter than the last few months! A well deserved rest from all the travel and speaking was needed however. I've been following up with quotations and inquiries generated from the previous few months though so still on a lovely uptick of work. Thank you!A couple of months back I started writing for Startup Mindset and have shared the articles I have written for them at the end of the blog for your interest. I am thrilled they have added me publicly as a contributor this month. Thanks lads.Let's get on with it shall we....

Understanding Image Copyright

OK, not my normal topic but well worth having an understanding of. It's far easier and safer to source images that are not protected and if you create your own makes you different. I will admit I use stock images at times. I am my product and lets face it, who wants lots of photos of me? Certainly not me and mostly likely not you either. So I use royalty free and uncredited images that I either get from free websites or cheaply paid for ones. Over the years I have used Pexels, Canva and Unsplash and of course I do frequently take photos of my own too. When I came across this fab article from Hootsuite I knew I needed to share. Please don't get caught out. It looks bad, feels bad and worse still you could end up being fined! Have a read of this article to learn more.

Content Marketing Trends for 2020

What a lot of us do without realizing is "content marketing".

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience - and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Direct quote from

As you can see - this is something we all do in business. It's a fundamental of marketing your business to the public. To this end I thought it would be worth sharing this very valuable blog / infographic have a look at it here.

Google My Business

Have you got your business on GMB yet? I can't tell you how useful this is for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Admittedly, Google do have a tendency to hide the app on entry and unless you know what you're looking for it is a little bit fiddly. However, once you're in, it's simply a case of filling in the gaps.

You can add images, banners, links and updates and all are possible from the free app on your phone as well. I would recommend you do it there as you can "update" on the fly.

Hiding Replies on Twitter

Self management or even self policing are the buzzwords for the latter part of the year by the looks of it. It seems this new tool shall be rolled out shortly. Do you think this is going to be beneficial to online conversations or will the online conspiracy theorists suffer FOMO? Let me know when you get it yourself...

Read the blog here.

Image by

Facebook Wants to Pay You for your ViewPoint

Intriguing huh? I thought so too. It's a lovely idea but all that went through my head immediately after seeing this was where is all the data going to go? Why do they feel we should trust them just yet?

Surely the money is the carrot but it's what happens to the information afterwards I'm currently concerned about. I would happily jump on the bandwagon, but I want to see where this goes first. Have a read for yourself and decide if its something you would do?

Mental Health and Social Media

Do you agree that social media can affect your mental health? I have to say definitely. It's most certainly had an impact on mine over the years.

To this end most (not yet all) platforms are slowly changing and adapting their premise to reduce stress and improve the affect that they have on young and impressionable minds.

I loved this article as much for its title as the content. "Tech Companies Target Your Sanity"

one door closes another one opens Womensinspire Blog

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Top 4 Affordable Tools to Post and Monitor Your Social Media Success by Me.

Can Your Customer Actually Talk to You? by Me.

Have a fab December and do let me know if you would like anything highlighted here for next month.

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