Can Your Customer Actually Talk to You?

by Melanie Boylan
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Interesting title isn't it? Why would I create such a blog in the first place? Surely everybody is contactable these days... Yes, but no. There are still parameters that have to be fulfilled in order to remain completely contactable. I know when we initially set up my businesses, social media is one of the easiest ways that people can contact me, but not the only way. However, as a consumer of products and services myself I have had some issues trying to contact people in the past few weeks and thought I would address these problems in this blog.

If you are online with your business in any way, shape or form. Please do go back and update your settings on each profile. Update your job on LinkedIn, your change of location, phone numbers etc.


I get it, if you only have one phone, you really don't want to give out your phone number to literally everyone these days. Most especially if you're a Sole Trader or an SME. However... Most people feel more reassured when they're parting with their hard earned cash that they can actually reach you, quickly and easily. If I had to email my mechanic when my car broke down, I'd look elsewhere.

I always answer my phone saying "Hello, Melanie speaking". That way if its a customer they immediately know they've reached the right person. Also if the school calls me, they feel they can talk to me straight away. You can always screen calls - if someone wants you badly enough, they'll leave a message and you can get back to them.

Online Contact Form

I have edited this blog to include this section. It was initially neglected by me, even though I have one myself! It was brought to my attention by fellow marketers, they are both absolutely right to as well. Both ladies have said they feel this medium is far more professional than just having a phone number and I must agree. Contact forms are definitely an option for those of you that can afford a website and to be honest is the still the leading way to keep a relationship going with your intended audience.

Both ladies also have their phone number, quite clearly at the top of their website but one has said she has experienced considerable amount of sales calls in the past. The same person has also been using virtual support in order to be less distracted. To this end, when she partakes of services from others, she always goes the contact form route.My personal preferred method has always been speaking to someone when I get the chance. That's why having both methods is worthwhile doing I suppose. That way your audience has a choice.


I'm delighted to see that more and more people are taking advantage of this very business like platform and starting to use it more frequently. I do meet people that have found me on social media on occasion and LinkedIn would be my go to to see what they look like as well. There is a section you can update - Contact. It's also a great place to share your business website, blogs or anything else you want to highlight.

This platform tends to be the very last platform that people update though. Not just the photos of course, but the job info and contact information. When was the last time you looked at yours?


It seems obvious (well to me) that if your business is on Facebook, that you have the "call to action button" under your profile banner take you directly to your phone number. It's something you can easily edit.

Most people who find you on your Facebook Page visit you on their mobile. Their all about ease and convenience. The less buttons they need to touch, the better! Make this change today, its free and very quick to fix.


Did you know you can add your contact details to Twitter?

It has a field where you can add a website. That can either be to your actual website if you have one. Or you can add a bitly link to that field that will take them to your Facebook Page.


It may have been a while ago that you set this up, but there is a contact button also on here that allows easy access to both your phone number and your email!

It's so easy to get caught in the every day running of your business that small areas get neglected.

Think About how You Contact Service Providers?

There is a large proportion of your audience that would happily email you and fill out contact forms to await your response. But then there are people like me that won't give you the time of day because they can't reach you on the phone. Are you cutting out a large or small section of your audience? Maybe it's time to review your contactability and make these updates. I know it makes a difference to me, so it will definitely make a difference to others.

How to Combat Privacy Issues

If you are still concerned about your privacy then there are Virtual Secretarial services that you can add to your contact system. They answer as your business and can filter out your calls for you.

They will cost as a service of course, but by opening up this level of contact it would be hoped that you are also giving yourself an increase in income as well. Maybe it's time to try something different? Let me know if you see any difference in your business if you change your settings, I'd be interested in hearing what you discover and I can always do a follow up blog!

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