Social Media Round Up November 2015

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Morning all

Welcome to Novembers Round Up! I have had a fairly busy month all in, between events and meeting people. Thanks for all of your support! All I will say about the weather this month though is....wet.

First and most usual up:


Well I am still awaiting the Emoji's on my page but I do see other people using emoji's on pages I manage, so I know they are out there! I am currently under going some training/practice in Facebook ads and will brave Lead ads in the New Year. Thanks to Jenny Brennan for being there and a fab trainer!

First up, Mari Smith posted on the 20th November that you can now add a Shop section to your Facebook business page in the US. At the moment you can only do this with physical products but this means you no longer need to use Shopify. She did not state when it will come over to the UK and Ireland but I am sure it will once the initial roll out in the States has all the kinks knocked out.

Facebook Shop Social Media Round Up November 2015
Image courtesy of Mari Smith

Kim Garst has been producing some fab articles this month but the stand out one for me was the 17 Killer Facebook Post Ideas for business. Some great suggestions to get you started and you can use all year round.

I am very lucky to be getting some help from her too as now I am a part of her Inner Circle. The important thing for me to do from here on though is to follow up with all the suggestions I am getting from these amazing industry experts!I also loved the post from Steve Cartwright of Website Designs who wrote an old post called Do You Know What to Post on Facebook That is Guaranteed to Get Results?. Well worth exploring both.

As you know images play a key role on getting your posts noticed and this article from Dan Slagen goes into just the right amount of detail to get you started. Check out the video too!

Dan Slagens Facebook Image Posts Social Media Round Up November 2015
Image courtesy of Social Media Examiner

What are Twitter Cards?

Fabulous article shared by Samantha Kelly (@Tweetinggoddess) this month that goes into great details about Twitter Cards written by Courtney Seiter for Buffer Social. When you view a video or an image on your twitter feed you are using someones Twitter card, by following this extremely clear article you will find out how to upload your own and make your news feed pop out to others.

Twitter Cards Social Media Round Up November 2015

Just wanted to say a massive well done to Samantha Kelly this month as she goes on through her meteoric rise through her Vision Board, I may have to pinch the concept and use it myself for next year. Only yesterday she did her first TEDx Talk!


Thanks to Kim Garst for her article to use 9 tools to improve your Instagram Marketing. Some tools I hadn't come across before and will be exploring. Oh my goodness I have so many new toys!

This month my round up will be up early as I am sure you will understand I will be taking some time off over the festive period. I look forward to ringing in the New Year with you all and all the next challenges it will bring! Bring it on!

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