Social Media Round Up May 2019

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Social Media Round Up May 2019

This month I have been doing a lot of work "behind the scenes" preparing for next months speaking slot and sponsorship events. I'm really looking forward to both BizExpo and the South East Digital Picnic coming up next month. Check them out and see if you can find time to pop along as well.

Unfortunately I had to cancel my event in Dublin in May as there was insufficient sales. I will be doing more courses from September however, so please keep an eye on my website for details.

How to Create a Marketing Strategy in 8 Steps

I have to admit in my experience I know people learn in lots of different ways. For instance some people learn by doing, others by listening. However, us humans tend to be a lot more visual! Check out this very useful video from Hootsuite. Get screen grabbing!

Facebook Ads Retargeting Techniques

I don't normally delve into things as deep as this as my audience tends to be more "beginner", however I was asked to this month! To get ads right from the beginning is considerably less wasteful!

In this article written for Social Media Examiner, they speak with Susan Wenograd a Facebook Ads specialist and get some brilliant advice . She goes through techniques that will hone your ads and improve relevancy scores along with the all important conversion scores too. Please have a read and well worth saving this article too in bookmarks.

How to Deal with Social Media Trolls

Yep, there are people who never grew up and are now fully graduated from "Keyboard Warrior" to Troll. We have all seen them (unfortunately). They can be really unpleasant to downright stupid. They can with one sentence completely change the sentiment of a page or a conversation. They stop conversation and can actually in some serious cases, closes businesses.

Well Hootsuite have some suggestions on what to do if you come across them. Sometimes saying nothing helps. Others it's just hiding comments (when you can of course). There are more resolute methods as well. Have a read of this article if you are currently experiencing some problems. If it's getting really serious though, you need the help of a Reputation Management company. They really are the biz!

How to Remain Professional on Social Media

This really had to follow the last one... This past week an article was shared to Irish Tech News about remaining professional. I loved the fact that they (doesn't say who wrote it unfortunately) said to "interact positively". That really is an important thing to me personally and professionally. I have never enjoyed ads or articles that tell me to "Stop wasting your time getting it wrong!", "Why you the business owner are the worst possible person to be doing this job". I personally want to "spin" on the positives. How about "5 things that will save you time" or Why working with an agency is team work". Business owners are already berating themselves for running short on time and getting things wrong. They don't need to feel barraged with more negativity! Have a read of this article and I would love your thoughts back on it...

Facebook Algorithms

I thought I would mention this as it baffled me why I wasn't seeing content from my Husband anymore. It came down to the fact that as we communicate off Facebook all the time or through Messenger we stopped seeing each others content. The algorithm has been tweaked so that we see our nearest and dearest that we actually communicate with through Facebook more. So my Mum who lives in England would be someone I see in the newsfeed more often. Have a read of the full article for those that want to understand it more.

Instagram Analytics

More and more businesses are taking their products and services over to the premier imaging platform. Just like Facebook though, it's essential that you measure your success. If you don't you could well be spreading yourself a bit too thin and for no good reason (ooops, being negative there!). So read this brilliant article from Later. I have been getting their newsletter for a while now and have really picked up loads from reading them.

Are You Using Videos on LinkedIn?

It's all becoming very Facebook-y in my opinion, just a little more less fun of course. However videos still do the same thing on this platform as any other. It enables your audience to actually meet you and understand you and your brand worth so much better than just by images alone. Please read this article in Forbes Magazine to learn more.

If you are broaching videos I would recommend doing as many as possible in either landscape or square depending on the technology you are using. Then you can use these videos on many platforms without having the need to create new ones. How long you make your videos will also determine how successful they are and of course  all of your content.

Upcoming Events

Over the next month there are loads of Business type events coming up in Dublin. Networks such as Dublin Chamber, BNI, Women in Business Network, Dublin Business Network and a whole lot more are convening throughout the month. Please visit Eventbrite to find their events and book soon as they all tend to book out pretty quickly.

There is a Summer Speaker School event happening in Mullingar on the 7th of June with Gerry Duffy. I'm not an affiliate, but it does look like a good course and its frankly nice to see something different happen in Mullingar!

Of course there is the BizExpo event coming up on the 6th of June at CityWest Convention Centre where I will be speaking at 11:30am.

Later in June I am attending and sponsoring the SouthEast Digital Picnic event as well. Make sure you get your tickets soon for both!

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