Social Media Round Up May 2015

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Morning all!

Now time for May's Social Media Round Up!It's been a very busy month for me so have had a job managing to get this together! There has been so many Social Media events that needed my attendance in May. I am impressed with the array of organisers!

Blogging for Business and How to Overcome Writers Block

Really handy link that I have recommended to various people lately. I have saved it in my #Facebook saved links which for me makes it easier to find. If you have handy links to share, please comment them!

Improve your Facebook Reach

Sprout Social recently wrote a viral post on improving your reach on Facebook. Ultimately its using your FREE insights on Facebook that gives you the #organic reach you desire and making the time to check it is the priority. This infographic explains the work required to do this in what most people think is a dwindling organic reach, but this just is not the case. There is a pre requisite that you already have a largish audience in the first place (over 1500) and a relatively good engagement. Even if you didn't have these - this most certainly would help you get it!

Response Rate on Facebook

Social Times reported that some Administrators are now seeing a response time in their admin panels in this article. I would be very interested to hear if anyone this side of the world has come across this yet!

Marketing on a Budget

Smallbiztrends put up a very useful post this past month on techniques a business can market for next to nothing, I know many of you may already do them but there is a few more suggestions there that I have noticed that I will have to do myself!

How to Use Hashtags

I have used Sumall in the past to generate content and its a useful free app to use as long as its not used in isolation. It shows you great analytics to measure how successful your posts are. They send you some fab articles at times and I love the way they explained the use of Hashtags in this article.

Google+ Changes

The leading authority in training Google+ is Martin Shervington and he recently posted that he has seen significant changes in what they are offering, I quote him below:

"In the past few alone weeks we have seen:

  • Removal of "Local" from the side bar
  • Removal of the ability to share circles (#handytip using Circloscope can help with this - free!)
  • You can no longer click on the hashtags in the upper right of a post (they are not auto-generated either)
  • The little + sign next to our names is no longer showing on G+ (insert sad smilie here), and what is left is no longer a shortcut
  • The share box that was in the upper right is no longer there
  • Ripples are not showing anymore
  • And... probably a few more things too."

He also went on to mention that at the beginning of May Google+ introduced "Collections" in this post on their page. I have to say when I first looked at it in the app, it looked to me just link Pinterest, as a collection of photos, but I think its more for posts rather than pictures. Obviously most posts will have pictures, hashtagging in another form!

One thing I have safely established is you can have Collections both in your personal Google+ profile and business profile and create them to suit both or add featured ones to your profile. Very slick!It's an area I will be learning with you, so as more time passes I hope to be in a better position to explain it! :)

LinkedIn Updates

Loginradius Support confirmed some fairly significant updates made to LinkedIn on the 12th May that maybe worthwhile you knowing however its more connected with API Developer Support so will only effect a more niche market.

Useful Blogs

Carol O'Kelly of Red Storm Marketing has a very useful blog on how to optimize your LinkedIn page, click here!

My regular contributer Urban Renstrom has brought his extremely useful blog called "Twitter Lingo Online" for your consumption.

Mari Smith shared a great blog post from David Cohen from Social Times about what happens after the first hour of posting on your social media. Infographic: Timing is Everything for Facebook Posts

Happy reading and please share!

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