Social Media Round Up March 2021

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups
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Welcome to April

Didn't April arrive fast or was it just me? The Easter break of two weeks off with kids seemed to have arrived incredibly fast, at least for me anyway - both my kids return to school middle of this month.

It feels tiny bit more hopeful out there (in Ireland) at the moment but I guess we'll just have to see what the next month brings....


It looks like the Watch Party is over

Yes, Matt Navarro confirmed last month that Facebook Party is leaving us from the 16th of this month after nearly 2 years. I'll be honest with you, I was rarely asked to join one and totally forgot they existed on a personal level. Will you miss this? Read more about here in the blog from

Is Facebook Tracking a good thing?

Well Facebook would have you believe so. In many ways I understand this and also agree. For me, using ads has been massively beneficial for me and my clients. Its helped us stay top of mind, helped spread out the message of our brands. With the impending iOS update coming it could impact smaller businesses much more. Where do you stand on this, I'd love to know? Read here for more on this.

So what is the iOS ATT Prompt and how is it going to affect me?

Now I have placed this under the Facebook heading as they have been considerably more vocal about this issue, but this will have an impact on EVERY app that tracks...

Yep, it's a big deal!  All we know for sure right now is it's happening soon, maybe April/May and these are the pointers to note:

> ATT stands for App Tracking Transparency

> It will happen when someone adds an app that tracks data or updates the app to the most recent version that does this

> You will be asked "Allow tracking or ask app not to track" and people can opt out at this stage. This will impact mobile, web and app advertising.

> If social platforms DON'T comply they risk being removed from the App Store

> If you don't allow tracking, sure you won't be delivered as many ads BUT you'll be delivered some that maybe you're not interested in instead!!

Open this link in your logged in Facebook account and hopefully you'll be able to see the whole video:

Now there is a lot more involved to those that are Social Media Marketers, Advertisers and Managers. I got this information and all the relevant pointers from Louise McDonnell who was kind enough to share this in a group video on Digital Women recently. If you need specifics, then please book some time with her!

Facebook Reels?

Last month Matt Navarro shared this image on Twitter:

Is Reels going to be appearing everywhere or are they simply testing this out with some select few?  We shall have to see! Let me know if you get it yourself?


Doubling Up on Instagram Live With Live Rooms - About Facebook

For quite some time now, we have been able to share an Instagram Live with one other person but now we can have 4 people in it instead. Facebook added this capability to support Creators and increase their chances of sales. Read this blog to learn more and maybe start incorporating this on a regular basis to your strategy.

A new way to create engaging and entertaining live videos on Instagram.


Create the best first impression using any one of these varied tools for Clubhouse. I have to say I was very surprised by the range available here and its very thorough! I've been on Clubhouse since the beginning of January and really enjoying it! Look me up if you're there. @melanieboylan

This article is amazing! 


Oops, did you want to Undo that?

The long awaited "undo" button has made an appearance at last - well for some people. It's widely suspected to be a part of a paid version of Twitter that may be coming out. In this article in The Verge last month we hear how it works. You get like a short time bar that gives you time to undo a message when you probably notice a spelling mistake.

Twitter Spaces is Coming to a PC near You!

Some very fast innovation from Twitter, may see Clubhouse being kept on the ropes! In fairness to Twitter, they have many years of experience, a large and creative staff and a vast budget so its not THAT surprising they have pinned the blighters.

This adaptation to the PC could also mean that people with professional mics and sound systems could up their production game and of course make Spaces even more popular. Could this be the beginning of the end of Clubhouse? Read this article to learn more.


Lead Gen, Community and Employees

LinkedIn are doing quite a lot of updates at the moment and I heard about a lot them recently in a podcast with Louise Brogan. Check it out below! Here's an overview of some of them though:

  • Lead Gen Forms in Product Pages
  • Ways to share content among coworkers in the ‘My Community’ tab
  • Ways to measure the impact of employee advocacy on content engagement & reach

Read the full article here.

New Roles for LinkedIn Pages

There's some changes that makes it easier than ever to manage your LinkedIn Page. LinkedIn are rolling out Page Admin roles and permissions to help you assign roles on your business page. You can also add anyone to your page as an Admin even if their not a 1st degree connection. This is good but I'm not sure why you would??

  • Super admin: Super admins have full functionality on the Page including sole ability to manage the roles of all other Page admins, ability to deactivate the Page, and ability to edit the Page.
  • Content admin: Content admins are focused on being the voice of the Page and producing new content. They can create and manage feed posts, live streams, events, and Stories.
  • Analyst: Analysts can measure the Page’s performance on LinkedIn by viewing and exporting analytics. They may be involved with sales, recruiting, or consulting on social media presence. Analysts will not have access to the Page in 3rd party partner tools.
  • Curator (coming soon): This role can curate posts for your “My Company” Tab and access related analytics.

When will I have  access to Roles and Permissions? All Pages globally have access today.

How do you access  it?

You will see a"NEW" label near the admin tools drop-down menu on your Page; locate the new experience under “Manage Admins.”


Google Maps

Arrive and Pay for Parking through Google Maps

Admittedly this is only in the US right now but this would be dead handy to have here too. For once this on available on Android right now as well!  I do this concept comes over the pond though, would be so much better and much, much faster. To learn more about it - read the article here.

Google My Business

See your business on Google My Business Twice?

Love this article from Search Engine Journal about how to fix this. It happens surprisingly often actually but its an easy fix. Read on and stop spreading the message and the reviews as soon as you can!

9 Big Updates to Improve SEO on Google My Business

Yet another article from Search Engine Online but you can't deny its useful! Check out all the areas they cover in this latest update:

March Podcasts for The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast

Podcast 62 - Twitter Spaces

Podcast 63 - LinkedIn with Louise Brogan

Podcast 64 - The Power of Traditional Marketing

Podcast 65 - Community and Relationships with Jay Blake


That's all for this month but do come back each month and get the latest updates. Fire me back an email if you have any questions and have a great April!

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