Social Media Round Up March 2019

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Social Media Round Up March 2019

March this year for me was a time of change. Time for reflection and learning from the first quarter of the year and preparing for a busier time in the business calendar for networks and events. I was forced to slow down a little bit this month though due to ill health and then physical injury! Unfortunately I tore my calf muscle quite badly, so had to postpone my Dublin Workshop. Hopefully I get to do it again in the next couple of months, fingers crossed!

From April onwards I am preparing for a few things coming up this year that I am very ready for and frankly pretty excited about as well. Make sure you subscribe to my blogs to be kept in the loop.

LinkedIn going Live

Please forgive all the popups on the next link. They are easy enough to remove though. The content however is superb, hence why I'm sharing this link.

Finally LinkedIn thought to eventually jump on the bandwagon and embrace "Live". However, it will be a very gradual roll out at this time. They have started in the US first with a very select few people / companies - so keep an eye out here and I will let you know when it hits Europe.Do you think there is a call for Live on LinkedIn? Let me know your thoughts...

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Facebook Ads and How You Word Them

Facebook are really clamping down on things these days and frankly about time too. They are trying to ensure that advertisers aren't "keyword stuffing" the ads. This means that those patronising ads you have seen previously should be seen less and less in your newsfeed. Heads up though, if the Facebook page running the campaign has a previously successful ad marketing history, they will have a little more leeway than newer marketers.

Please read, digest and possibly save this link to learn more.

Twitter Tools

Twitter is still the best way to get information fast and invariably it is up-to-date as the algorithm will only show the most recent tweets.I agree that scheduling content on platforms isn't the ONLY answer but it's terribly handy when you're traveling or working. Scheduling really only works though when you follow up live and respond to posts and tweets in a timely manner.Check out the tools that were shared by Kim Garst in this blog post and make sure you're using the tools you need to to provide the best customer service for you business.


Instagram is the fastest growing social platform at this time and more and more businesses are becoming aware of its usefulness. Many of the audience on this channel are still very young, however the demographic is growing in age every year. When looking at my own account, most of my audience is around my age so I know they're there.

The biggest demographic group are males between 18 - 24 years old, while 60.4% of all users are aged between 18 and 24. 35% of US internet users are now on Instagram. 90 percent of Instagram users are younger than 35. -Jan 7, 2019, Brandwatch

To attract the right audience you need to engage them with content that registers with them. Hashtags of course are essential but to get them to ultimately follow you, you need to make the introduction clear and effective in your Bio. The amazing Sue Zimmerman wrote this blog to help you make the best first impression.

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Events Coming Up

This month (April), well actually they all appear to be on the same day :D: Go Get Digital Another Ballymun 4 Business event ran for hubbers and beyond. Join the event and meet other businesses building their careers from their kitchen tables to employing many staff. I'm on the panel for this event! April 10th Ballymun Civic Centre, Ballymun.

Women's Inspire Network - Overcoming Challenges - Donegal 10th April. Will be the usual mix of inspiration, Learning, knowledge sharing and networking. Harvey's Point Lough Eske Road, Donegal, Donegal, Ireland. Tickets: €85.00

Dublin Tech Summit Another event being held with a wildly, amazing array of speakers. If you're into Space, then this event is something you should be at. Main feature would be Commander Chris Hadfield and Alyssa Carlson. RDS 10th and 11th of April. Tickets: €60 Women in Tech €349 Standard Ticket. See you there, I'm covering it for Irish Tech News.

Dublin Tech Summit logo

I hope you found this months round up useful and I hope to bump into you at any one of these events above and any other business related events!

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