Social Media Round Up March 2015

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Afternoon all Spring has finally sprung (officially since March 20th) and the prospect of Summer is beginning to flitter on the horizon. I am already thinking what to do with the kids for the Summer Holidays and planning accordingly!

I promised last month I would share other mediums of information as last month I was a bit heavy on the old Facebook medium. I hope you find this useful, if you would like to get updates on this and other useful information, please sign up to my newsletter!A quick thanks for the suggestions and I hope I have answered all your queries!

How to Find Your Customers on Twitter

Delighted to find this little gem of a video from They explain how to use Advanced Search and Topsy to find your potential clients. Really useful!

People Talking About This on Facebook

People Talking About This is the number of unique users who have created a "story" about a page in a seven-day period. On Facebook, stories are items that display in News Feed. Users create stories when they:

like a page

post on the page wall

like a post

comment on a post

share a post

answer a question

RSVP to a page's event

mention the page in a post

tag the page in a photo

check in at a place

share a check-in deal

like a check-in deal

write a recommendation

claim an offer

Refering to:

Useful to know!

Did you get someone else to do your website? Did they design a Wordpress website? If so, and you don't see the Plugins section then unfortunately you don't have full access to your website! This means that when you want to add anything to your website that will improve its performance you will need to go through the designer and they will charge for this. Where possible, get others to design (if you can't) but hand over the FULL website and use the FREE chat facility that most service providers offer if you need that added support.

Each time you Like a Facebook page as your business page it is recorded as a Like on other pages however, the count won't go up. To support other business pages (and hope they return) Like their business page as your personal account and it will reflect in their Like count.

Having trouble with images on your website/blog/social media pages? Are they the wrong size? Then use the FREE service online.

Have you come across Meerkat yet? It's a brand new Live Streaming facility via Twitter, only launched this month. Currently it only available on IOS 8 but the hope is it will be rolled out to others and Android in the coming months.

Finally, Twitter and Google have gone into partnership again after a break of 4 years, this time to make your tweets easier to be found in a Google search>

What is a Google+ Community?

Martin Shervington has done it again by providing a very simple to follow Youtube video of how a community works. I would highly recommend you watch this, its only just over 8 minutes long and will show you how to navigate around a community and the usefulness of being part of one.

Useful Blogs

Samantha Kelly also known as Tweetinggoddess has recently written a handy blog about how to start up your business with no money, great information and an inspiring model for all start up's in Ireland.

Urban Renstrom released his latest blog Mid March, this time entitled Content Marketing Essentials 5 Blog Posts You Are Ignoring

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