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by Melanie Boylan
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Welcome to July!

I have had to keep this blog shorter simply because I'm so busy and now have my kids at home!  My eldest finished a month ago and I've barely seen her since... However my youngest finished last week and is already complaining she's bored. It's going to be a LONG 8 weeks.

I do hope some of you are going to get some time off over the coming weeks to enjoy some of this glorious weather, I'm definitely going to as well. Let's get on with it shall we?


Videos Will Starting Expiring

A bit of a mind blowing news. Apparently some Facebook Live video replays will expire after 30 days? Currently it will be for gamers mostly as a lot of their videos ar very often replayed - so that makes sense. Does this mean that this may be rolled out elsewhere though?

Image: Game Revolution

Carousel Posts...Where Have They Gone?

Yep, they disappeared for a LOT of people however, they have only moved. You can now actually create them in Creator Studio. You can also create them in Ads Manager if you want to go the whole way with an Ad too. I would imagine Creator Studio and Business Manager will be the only way we can post and do Ads by the end of this year.

Facebook for Podcasting

Facebook don't like to be beaten so they figured they'd join in...eventually. After Clubhouse and Twitter made the move to audio aspects, Facebook has done a wee bit of one-up-menship and have now decided to bring podcasting to the mortals. Will this be enough to bring their brand up to spec?  Who knows. Frankly I can't see me moving from Anchor to Facebook but it might be a place where you do afterpartys perhaps?  Read here to learn more about this latest update.

Audience Insights Are Gone BUT You Still have Insights

There was a LOT of confusion at first when this announcement came out. Audience Insights was a fabulously useful tool for those that knew it was there!  You could even glean how your competitor was getting on but alas it has now gone. Mari Smith shared a very useful article written by Trevor Goodchild with lots of practical suggestions on how to conduct and drill down on important audience research for your ad targeting using other tools and sources called An Alternative To Audience Insights

Words from Mari Smith:

See also Facebook's help section on Audience Insights transitioning to Business Suite Insights:
P.S. FACEBOOK AUDIENCE INSIGHTS is a *different* tool from FACEBOOK ANALYTICS, which is also going away starting June 30th. More on that in my post here:


Shops and Affiliates for Creators

Brilliant idea by Instagram to add these features in the coming months. They will be adding a tool that will allow the creator to recommend products available at the checkout and share with their followers. They can also earn commissions from them too.

However, right now you can now add a shop to your PERSONAL profile on Instagram. Read more here:

Available immediately, creators will be able to link their shops to their personal profiles, not just business ones. By the end of the year, eligible creators in the U.S. will be able to partner with one of Instagram’s merchandise partners (Bravado/UMG, Fanjoy, Represent and Spring) to drop exclusive product launches on the app.

Desktops Publishing for Instagram

Maybe they just got fed up of seeing Facebook in the news so much that they decided (finally) to look at doing this. It was actually (no surprise here) Matt Navarra who picked up on this and demonstrated the new tool. Still not widely available as yet of course, but looks to be coming soon. Maybe even before the end of Summer. I'll let you know if you miss it online of course.

Honestly, this is great news, I'm looking forward to taking advantage of this new tool! Read more about it here.


Spaces Gains a Tab

Early in June we heard directly from Twitter Spaces that they have given a new home to Spaces in a bid to help people interact better. It's as usual only rolled out to a select few but will come down to us lowly mortals in the coming months. Will change things up?  I have to say I was impressed to see the President of El Salvador recently take part in one. It is rapidly building momentum among the higher echelons of society!

Twitter can now post DIRECT to Instagram Stories (iOS Only)

Another way to save time and editing is here. Previously you would screenshot but this is needed no more! I have to say all this getting lazier lark is wonderful. So make sure you update your apps regularly and you'll see this facility sitting there when you have. Oh and yes, only iOS for now - annoying isn't it...

A phone that shows the "Share Tweet" prompt on Twitter and the option to share to Instagram Stories.

Google My Business

Google Short Names

These were the editable URL's that you had available on your profile and could make it match the vanity names of other platforms. Well these have been deprecated and won't be editable any more. Now if you already have one then your fine but if a new business comes along now... It's a real shame, it just makes it look tidier in my opinion. To learn more about this change, read it here.

May Podcasts for The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast

Podcast 75 - The What and How to do Public Sector Marketing with Joanne Sweeney

Podcast 76 - Top Tools We Can't Live Without

Podcast 77 - Goal Setting and Self Image with Joseph Costello

Podcast 78 - Before You Go On Holidays!


I promised myself I'd keep this blog a wee bit shorter than the last one and I did - but I do hope you find this still as useful! As we head to the Summer, you may want to give that last podcast another good listen. May as well be ready for your break, where ever and when ever that is!

You may remember from my last Round Up I mentioned that I was considering a VA and I actually did take the plunge. It was so nice taking some of the pressure off. Long may this last! I hope you have a lovely and relaxing month and I'll see you all in August. Take care till then. Please contact me if you need anything!

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