Social Media Round Up June 2020

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Happy July!

On a professional level I'm happy it's July. We're slowly slipping out of the COVID19 pandemic and hopefully the future is looking a little bit brighter for some of us each week. Though June hasn't been without its turmoil.

The Black Lives Matter movement has brought significant change all over the world, it's been one of the largest changes to our every day lives since COVID19 erupted on the scene.

Personally though, its a sad and kinda happy time too. Over the last month I have seen my eldest daughter Ciara (12), scramble to finish her school text books completely. She's started looking at the next phase of her life and I find myself trying to cling on to my two primary school children. Sorry, one is now a "former" primary school student. Ciara has blossomed so much during COVID19. I've been so impressed with her resilience and take enormous pride in her somewhat endless desire to finish properly.

Megan her 9 year old sister has developed a strong desire to be a designer / engineer through COVID19. She's tried all sorts of projects in theory and practice since it started and I do wonder if she would have found this of interest without taking a forced break from school? I just find both of them so creative and curious. I hope time doesn't pass as fast with my last daughter before she heads to Secondary School!

Even the weather has been changeable this month. One minute we're slapping back the heating on and the next we're melting in over 26 degrees! Lets not forget the huge downpours of rain as well, followed swiftly by hosepipe bans...

Sorry for being so contemplative, but this is my blog and I guess I can be :DRight, let's get on with it...


Email Marketing

Unbelievably, Facebook have found another small gap they haven't bought yet! Email Marketing. Yes, they are now pursuing, sorry helping us never leave the Facebook platform even for emails now. In this blog post from they outline where you can find it and how its supposed to work. It's not rolled out fully yet but this could change things for a lot of businesses.

Facebook are creating a business CRM that you can upload emails in bulk - just like their competitors...

Don't just hear it from them or me, listen to the Facebook Live that Mari Smith shared:


Speaking Tweets

This update (18th June) got a lot of people excited.  Now you can upload a voice file to Twitter that is 140 seconds long! However, I've already heard someone mention that they should update it with captions! I guess they have a point in fairness. I expect that will come though later.'s rolling out gradually in iOS and although we haven't heard yet - it will probably be out on Android shortly after.

Twitter May Limit Content that Hasn't been Read!

This should be interesting for Content Marketers. I'll be honest I don't read everything that I retweet but I read every article I share here.

The idea here is to "promote informed discussion" and I get it completely. It's currently being tested on Android with a prompt. Let's see how this goes... Read the article here and then tell me what you think, do you read everything you retweet?

10 Top Tips for Twitter

Love the content but honestly hate the format of this blog post - however, the tips are top! Well worth reading though as the suggestions are sound in fairness.


Are you looking to add your work colleague to your LinkedIn Company Page so they can manage it instead of you? It's nice to share the workload when you can. This blog post from James Potter on Business2Community goes into detail on how to do it.

LinkedIn Resources for Small Business

In this blog post from Small Business Trends they share the really resources that LinkedIn recently arranged to help business recover from the Pandemic. It takes you directly to the resources page and the Chat facility with it.

You can explore the Business Topics and click on several free courses and upskill and improve your knowledge in quite a few fields. Worthy of a look definitely!

Want to know who follows Your LinkedIn Company Page?

At the very end of June LinkedIn has now made it possible for you to see who is actually following your business page. Visit your LinkedIn Company Page control panel and check the Analytics button, it should say NEW. Scroll down the page and you'll see in date order from most recent and back who started following you.

Google My Business

Making Online Found Easier

In the last few days of the month Google My Business added four new attributes to support all the businesses now taking their companies online. In this blog post from Search Engine Journal, they discuss how to find it and add it! However, not every business will have access, it entirely depends on what Primary business you have. Have a read to learn more.

New Video Series

Top 5 Questions on Social Media and Business Marketing

I started a new fortnightly series mid June, as I was getting asked a lot of questions on a regular basis and thought it would be easier sharing my answers. Ultimately I want to help businesses help themselves. If you have any questions you want answered then please let me know and I can bring them up in the next episode.

Useful Blogs

How to Write Effective Marketing Posts Using My 3 Step Method by Amanda Webb

How to Format Your Bio to Look Good on Twitter by Eimer Duffy

Is Your Business Ready to use LinkedIn Ads? by Jacob Baadsgaard, Search Engine JournalThanks for reading and watching, I look forward to bringing you more fresh updates next month! If you need anything in the meantime, please contact me!

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